Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access

When I came back to the game a few months after 1.0, they had added a bunch of stuff to the descriptions, like you could pick certain mutations, but there were suddenly downsides like it adds to Malaise, with no explanation for what that meant.

I noticed this time that they got rid of all that. Now mutation descriptions, at least, are back to the way they were at 1.0 release. Simple bonuses that spell out exactly what you’re getting. Maybe that malaise stuff (whatever it is) is still there in the background, but it’s not clogging the descriptions anymore. Nice.

God, I’ve completely forgotten how to play this game. I just don’t have any of the rhythms down on how to attack, remember to freeze enemies, when to roll, remembering to drink potions, etc.

There is still a pair of mutations that will mention something about malaise. It doesn’t affect you, as it doesn’t appear until BC4.

Well, I made it to the Hand, but even with the addition of a mighty Vorpan I didn’t beat him. Fuckin brutal.

Seriously, every time I die from a cursed chest (which happens to me a lot even making them easier in Custom mode!), I question my life choices. I have to say to myself ‘why, why did you pick the stupid chest if you knew this was gonna happen…’.

In special with the invisible knife throwers bastards. :/

I’m fast!

I’ve updated one of my mods. It’s for the…let’s say, less dexterous players like me, who won’t ever reach high difficulties like BC4 or BC5, nor they are interested on it.

New weapon impressions:

Leghugger is cute, but I think Owl was better. Unlike the flying sword, it’s permanent companion so in exchange they made him weaker. He is a bit slow and have a small attack range, so lots of times you end with the enemies half a second before he would attack them. You need to take care of him a bit to evolve it (and that’s when he is worth it), and that needs time, and in that time you may find another item that is higher power.

The shark is gimmicky. Slightly on the slow side. Few times you reach the third hit which is the special one, so for lots of fighs it’s a normal weapon with the shape of a shark. Although there are sometimes where you kill an enemy with the first two hits, and then upon reaching the third attack of the combo you can throw it to a second enemy, that move imo is the most useful one. Thanks god you can throw him in a different direction than the first two attacks, and you don’t really ‘throw’ it, you don’t have to recover it as the lance, but it somehow creates a duplicate shark, otherwise it would be straight bad.

The bombard is nice addition. Very tanky, very damaging, but very short range of activation. Like the pirate chef cannonballs, it can bounce from a wall and explode later.

I have unlocked the Hook but I still haven’t played with it. It seems a fast weapon which can throw enemies behind you.

Killing Deck is a ok ranged weapon. Cool theme. It does little damage on the first two attacks, and higher damage on the third and fourth attack. I can roleplay as Hisoka with it.

I found the trident tricky. It can make high damage with the push move crit + third hit, but gasp you aren’t invulnerable doing the move, nor is able to catch enemies doing their own special moves, so yeah, be careful with it. Also you can yeet yourself of a platform with it.

The tonfas are fun. I love the special attack dowwards that he does with a little jump when he switches direction, and he can do a bigger one if you actually jump. And it’s a good excuse to take the speed mutation.

Yumi and Wrecking Ball are the ones I still have to unlock. The wrecking ball seems to be the new slowest weapon of the game.

The Queen’s rapier is simple (auto second hit that crits), but good. In a way it has the high damage of ‘slow’ weapon with the fast attack animation of a ‘fast’ weapon, it’s just that 60% of the damage comes later in time, so you have to roll after attacking for some enemies.

Yay everything unlocked!

I only needed 166 hours to do it!: P

You glorious madman!

I was considering not unlocking things that I don’t want to play for a while. I’m not sure if the tiering of things like health potion charges forces the gear to be unlocked soon enough anyway or not.

How would you know what do you want to play with if you don’t have it unlocked it the first place to try it?

In any case in custom mode you can lock what you don’t like.
Health potions unlocks aren’t related to the weapons.

Other games have taught me that low-cost options are bad, m’kay. My lizard brain only wants to unlock the highest cost gear, eat the tastiest insects.

Well, to clarify, all the weapon/powers/mutators unlocks on the game are what’s usually called ‘sidegrades’, they give extra variety. It doesn’t matter their cost. The rest of unlocks (potions, runes, etc) are permanent upgrades.

If you really want something that have low priority because they aren’t good/need super high ceiling skills, you can left locked the face flask, the vampirism power and the cursed sword.

There are some Dead Cells items which are genuinely “better”, but a lot of it instead comes down to “very different cool things which have plenty of cons too”

Some of my favorite runs have come from using cheaper items which were surprisingly powerful and fun to use!

Will this game ever stop growing?

New biome, new enemies, new weapons, new mutations.

And vampirism is reworked (thanks god)

  • Vampirism rework - now you sacrifice a percentage% of your maximum health and can recover % of your HP per attack and gain a speed boost for 10 seconds.

Accessibility options incoming! This is great news for me, because Dead Cells is the one action roguelite that I am seemingly incapable of getting better at.

Lots of accessibility and difficulty options in here. And I mean lots.

So what does that mean? I can make the game as easy as I want? I can have the first boss cell active and actually finish the game now?

Seems that way, you can totally tune enemy hp and damage and some trap stuff and add essentially infinite lives/retries on a run.

What an amazing update. I really like the game, but I’m not good enough to see 3/4 of the content, this update will fix that and allow anyone to experiance a much more ‘casual’ run.

So far I’ve turned on easier Parry and slower traps, and I’m having a much easier time with the first boss cell activated, which was pretty much impossible for me last time I played it, near 1.0 launch. I just gave up on the whole boss cell idea after that.

Until now?