Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access


Does “performance is flakey” mean that the game is literally unplayable OMG or does it mean there’s a barely perceptible judder as the framerate occasionally drops from 60 to 40? We live in the heady times where a single frame judder can result in a 1/10 review on Metacritic.


Flakey, in the traditional old-school definition of the word. It drops framerate when busy, which in a game like this is when you need them. :)


I thought I noticed a hitch one time. And I played for an hour or more. Granted I haven’t gotten far, so there could be issues in a different environment like Ossuary.


I read it was the second area in particular that struggles.

I guess the (mildly) annoying thing to me is that apparently the devs said they could’ve optimised the Switch version, but didn’t since it would have delayed the release. And they won’t until after the free DLC is done unless they get a lot of complaints.

I might just wait a bit longer.


Which second area? I think the first you can access is where I saw the one hitch. I will try and take note of it if I play more later (which I may not to go easy on my hands) but generally speaking it felt smooth and fluid to me. I was actually pretty surprised at the moves I pulled off a couple of times (this kind of thing ain’t my forte). Hopefully some other folks will comment.


Some video of the hitching


Yeah, I saw that at least once. It didn’t seem pervasive to me and in no way hampered the experience. Maybe if I was more comfortable with the controls I would have noticed it more?

Any idea if that video was docked or not?


The guy who made the video says it happens in both. But I’m guessing the video is from docked mode as I’m not sure you can record from undocked like that.


I lost interest in Wizard of Legend within a few hours. One nice thing about Dead Cells is the enemies go down quickly and you’re almost never trapped. The constant forward motion keeps me interested.

Wizard has some nice ideas like variable difficulty enemies and bosses. I never liked the pace and combat enough to enjoy it.


I hate elites so hard.



Hahah, it took me two tries to kill the first one.


Yeah, that’s the Steam version for me then. Despite my prior sarcasm, that’s actually beyond my tolerance threshold because I think it could lead to unnecessary deaths in tight situations. I’m a little surprised it hasn’t been addressed.


For what it’s worth I’m experiencing some hitching in the PC version too (i5-7600k, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM – it’s not my system). Might be general 1.0 bugs that need ironed out.


I get that when I exit special rooms, but it passes and the fps picks up again.

Man, this must be one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. It’s crazy how on point gameplay and controls are, absolutely outstanding. I’m also having tons of fun experimenting with different weapons, for now my favorites are Infantry Bow (absolutely phenomenal), Lightning Bolt and Bleed Sword (?). Daggers are a little slow, Nutcracker’s damage isn’t too great and the Broadsword is too slow. I’ve also had a completely bonkers throwing dagger in one of my runs, which did poison and bleed damage to enemies at the same time. As for traps, the bleeding bolts + wolf trap seems to be pretty good for harder targets like bosses.

Is anyone actually using a shield? Also, what is the recommended level progression? I made a few incursions into areas like Ossuary (?) and Forgotten Crypt or something, but those seem really hard compared to the ‘main’ path. I also only have two traversal runes unlocked - vine and teleport.

edit: Offtopic - are any of the other games in this genre as good as this one? Hollow Knight, Rogue Legacy, etc?


Hollow Night is supposed to be very good, but much more exploration oriented from what I understand, and without all the loot.


BTW, in that subgenre I also would include Synthetik, you may want to check it. It is vert good, but a bit less good than Dead Cells. Shooting firearms don’t feel as different as using different weapons in Dead Cells, and it has a lot of different weapon upgrades, special modifiers, items, etc, but it makes the mistake of making lots of them a passive effect, like a proc chance on each shot, that’s boring.


Oh my god Heavy Crossbow is amazing.


Keep exploring all the paths. I think you have one more traversal rune. You may need to use the others to open a new path.


Neither of those is any good at the things you seem to like in Dead Cells. I.e. the weapon and build variety, the sublime combat and movement controls, or the fast progress on the power curve within a single run.

There’s nothing noteworthy about Rogue Legacy, other than pioneering the rogueliting of all genres. Hollow Knight has a nice atmosphere and great environment art and music. But it’s got a very slow pace of progression, a single weapon that you eventually get a couple of extra special moves for, and three attack spells. And the controls are serviceable at best.


Rogue Legacy has an excellent soundtrack!