Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access


What is the point of different tiers of weapons, after you upgrade them? For example, Heavy Crossbow I+ vs II+? Stats seem to be identical at the checkpoint after I upgrade them, so what’s the deal?


What I would like to know if how weapon color works. I notice how the color background of the weapon icon would change after upgrading one of the three stats.


Can you buy this online (on Xbox One) and then play it offline? I’ve been burned by games that require an internet connection before…


That shouldn’t be the case. The number is an item’s level which determines damage (and damage reduction) while the + is a modifier. A + is worth 2 item levels, iirc. If you find an item that’s already + tier, it can be upgraded to ++ (which usually comes with a +1 to relevant stat) for a hefty gold cost.

The weapon’s color show which stat(s) affect its damage. An item with two colors is the higher of the two stats and a white or gold item (colorless) is affected by your highest stat level.


Hollow Knight is very different. It’s a 100% handcrafted Metroid-style adventure, with a massive open world and tons of freedom in how you explore it, even though it still does have Metroid-style gates where you need upgrades to explore new areas. It’s not a roguelike, but it does have some very challenging and rewarding combat. It also has a somewhat punishing Dark Souls-like death system, where you lose your currency when you die if you haven’t spent it yet, you can get that currency back by reaching your corpse, but if you die again before reaching your corpse you permanently lose that currency.

Rogue Legacy is a much better example - a procedurally generated roguelike game, where you start over from the beginning every time you die, but there are some permanent upgrades each time too which help you get further and further. Dead Cells also adds in some Metroid-style permanent upgrades which help you explore additional areas within that procedurally generated world.

Dead Cells is basically everything I’d hope for from a Rogue Legacy 2. Much more weapon variety, far more fun encounters, great-feeling combat, etc.



As for general tips - how do you guys tackle Dead Cells - explore everything if not going for timed gates, or rush past tougher enemies, especially once the scrolls that are guarded by them start going down to sub 10% hp range? I’m now in the Clock Tower and can’t really keep up with the difficulty anymore (need to git gud obviously) so I’m wondering what the next step to help would be - other than grinding for even more flasks, that is (I’m at 3).


Remember, even if the hp % is low you still get more damage from those.


I know, but at this stage the risks outweigh the benefits. Maybe I just need to unlock some better gear to start making reasonable progress again.


Wow, I think I have been playing the game wrong up to this point. I’ve been keeping a somewhat even stat spread on all my runs because of those huge %hp boosts when you pump a stat you’ve been neglecting, but I just read that even weapons with split stats only benefit from the higher one. This…is a game changer. I need to put this to the test.


Correct. Note the little arrows that appear above each item as you move back and forth between the choices, showing you which items will benefit. Similarly, a colorless or gold item will benefit from the largest value.


First step to grind for 4 health flask charges. Damn roguelites.

Next step is to start going for those timed gates. Zip through the level as fast as possible looking for all available upgrades. Then get the upgrades behind the timed gates. You will do lots of damage.

The game is still fun here. It’s all about fast maneuvering and avoiding most fights that you’re probably tired of anyway.

And yes you should specialize in one color depending on weapon or build. Sometimes you will get a 2 color upgrade that is not your specialty. Take either one for the HP boost.


I’m such an idiot for not using skills more often. Just cleared Ossuary on first try with liberal use of Wolf trap and Sinew Slicer. Wolf trap in particular is among my favorites, especially since I like bows.


Items are kind of like cheat mode since the enemies can’t always get to you. Of course, you have to wait for cooldown timers in a game aboud fluid forward momentum. Fortunately, once you know what you’re doing, you don’t have to cheese it!


I got that beat. I’m such an idiot for not using the health flask, like, ever. Whenever I die, I’m like, oh, wait, why didn’t I use my health flask? Because whenever I’m alive, I’m like, hmm, I can soak up a little more damage before I use up my health flask.



I can’t wait for the first time I get 2x sinew slicers


(not my screen)

What’s the deal here? Isn’t tier II supposed to have higher damage?


I lost my patience with the grind, and i used CheatEngine to unlock the rest of permanent upgrades I still didn’t have. I still have lots of weapons to unlock, so I still will have the ‘progression feeling’, in any case.

That doesn’t mean the game is now easy, it doesn’t matter that I still have 2 health potions to use, usually I misjudge a situation and I’m bursted before I notice I was in danger, or a elite or boss kill me because they are a pain in the ass who won’t let me the time needed to use the health potion.


I made some excellent progress earlier after I adjusted my tactics (pumping one stat and using cooldowns - a lot). Cleared a few areas, got the spider and ram rune and then die to some kind of Artorias-like boss.


Started a new round and found this beauty:

I doubt I’ll find anything better before I die. It literally melts everything.


Five deaths in Ossuary already. :(
Two of them with the elite guardian of a rune, so I still need to try it again. :(


Hmm. I’m no expert just relaying what I’ve noticed over a dozen or so hours. Maybe for the Wolf Trap, tiers only introduce additional modifiers. The main draw of that skill is the immobilize and vulnerability so that would make sense to me. Generally speaking a tier upgrade is going to provide a damage boost.