Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access


Don’t know, maybe it’s a bug. When I got to that point it was very obvious and I couldn’t easily miss it.


I am the same way with Spelunky. Only made it to the fourth world (Temple) twice. Almost got the key delivered to unlock the shortcut but died due to falling literally in front of the gate. But we don’t talk about that around my house. But something about that game keeps me coming back over and over again, even recently. Love it so much.


It took me multiple years and 300 hours of play to finally beat Spelunky (the easy way), but you will get better the more you play it. Also, the shortcuts are worthless - you need the whole game progression to get enough stuff to have a chance of making it. Looking forward to the sequel.


You’re telling me there’s more than one World in Spelunky. * Mind Blown. *


Information on what’ s coming:


And now more concrete info:


-custom mode with seeded levels, customizable upgrades, choosing starting weapons, etc
-Timed door moved to in-between levels, new no-hit doors.
-Mob scaling revamped: HP is now fixed, damage is determined by biome. I’m happy they have admitted the previous implementation was flawed.
-DR capped to 30% instead of 75%. Enemy damage will be nerfed to compensate.
-CDR upgrades/mutations will be less a % effect and more active, like ‘kill enemies’ or ‘parry succesfully’ to reduce cdr in seconds.
-Changing mutations once will be cheaper, but later changes will be much more expensive.
-Some mutatons rebalanced (vampirism buff, yolo nerf, etc)
-Legendaries will be much rarer.
-Ice bow nerfed heavily, nutcracker & marksman bow buffed, some more changes in weapons.
-Elites will have an unique skill: cage, shield, clones, etc.


Neat! These all seems like really intelligent changes.


Yay. The scaling being so fucked up was the main reason I stopped playing.


I liked playing this game but I never got pass the first boss, on the bridge. After failing a few times I moved on to something else. Anyone have any tips?


Oh wow, this is actually why I stopped playing - at some point this just became so frustrating it was killing my interest. Nice!


It annoys me that the game was in Early Access for a year and they somehow didn’t notice some of this stuff, but at least they’re fixing it now. Might get me back in, since the scaling plus questionable item balance was most of what caused me to stop.


Press the dodge button when he attacks you?

From what I remember, he had only 3 patterns:
-Normal attack: roll to his back, and attack a pair of times.
-Invincibility/damage aura: just stay back or you will hurt yourself.
-leaping attack: roll when he is going to hit you

And in between, throw your turrets, your incendiary grenades, etc.


Try and get a Wolf Trap and use it heavily - it makes the fight much easier while you learn his attacks and how to approach.


Yeah Wolf Trap is damn near cheating on the first boss.


1.1 Update is now live


Well, if anyone liked the game but considered it was too hard for him, he should try it now. The 1.1 update has lowered the difficulty on normal mode by… something like 40-50% (in comparison with 1.0 version)

Just before 100th attempt!
Although in reality I haven’t played 99 times, a good three dozen times were for develop and test my mod, which is now unneeded.

I basically tanked half the hits of the Hand of the King (the last boss) and even then I could beat him, something unthinkable before.


Looks like the update won’t deploy on the Switch until January.


I love this game, but never managed to get past even that first boss. Looks like it’s time to check it out again and see how far I can get!


Aw, man, I just picked this up on the Switch because I heard the framerate hitching had been fixed. And now I’ve got an obsolete version!



I was disappointed too, so I pickerd up Into the Breach. Now I am disappointed in my diminished turn-based skills.