Dead Laptop?

Fiancee’s audio started stuttering/skipping while running, so she restarted the PC. . . and it promptly refused to boot, instead giving a random assortment of ASCII characters that printed in a loop every 15-20 seconds.

Unplugged her iPod and it brought up the Windows loading screen, but there it has stayed for a good 5-10 minutes on two separate attempts.

Is this sucker fried or is there anything I can try?

It’s a pseudo-netbook, so there’s not much I can do in the way of troubleshooting (no floppy drive, no cd-rom, etc.).

Edit: Also, sorry for coming to you guys for tech support every five hours the last few days, but it’s just been a really weird time for me, technology-wise.

Edit2: Got into Safe mode and copying all her stuff to an external that I bought her for Christmas. Ironically, she’s been too busy with school to make a proper backup of all her schoolwork. Copying ~2 gigs of irreplaceable documents is taking ~30 minutes over USB2.0, so I am strongly considering near-dead hard drive.