Dead Links

The link to silent hunter II on the main page (not the sidebar) is wrong (starts with thttp).

As well, the links to previous news is dead.

Aw fuck, hate to hear that. Ok, I’ll try to fix this stuff. Soon. Maybe today.

I fixed the Silent Hunter link. The news thing’s a bit trickier. We have to think about that one a bit, because it looks like we have to rename some folders and frankly, that scares us.

Not at all.


Don’t forget your webmaster… hehe.

I’m still more than willing to wrangle the site for you. In fact, if where you guys are hosted is able to give you a MySQL server for database access, I can just put the latest version of Coregamer up here once I get done fiddling with it. I’m about 80% done right now, and today is going to be a good day for productivity so long as I keep NWN out of the drive.

It’s driven with PHPNuke ( in the background - but once I get done, you won’t know that from looking at the surface. However, what’s currently up on the web is just a straight PHPNuke site - the “real deal” is running on my Apache server here at home so I don’t break hell out of ADDR’s hosting while I’m kitbashing this thing.

Basically, don’t be afraid to email me something that’s screwed up on the site - because I can usually have it fixed in 5 minutes or less.

One of my favorites.