Dead Motherboard, Right?

Had a nasty electrical storm roll through last night while I was asleep. Power flickered badly multiple times according to my gf, then pc stayed off when other items came back on. Hitting the power button gets no response at all - no lights on case or motherboard, no fans, etc. I’ve tried unplugging and replugging the power supply cable, flipping its switch, and also just waiting and trying again.

I can short the 24-pin to turn the power supply on directly; it comes on no problem. However, I can’t short the power switch jumpers on the motherboard, so that’s what I’m leaning towards as the dead part. I think a dead CPU would at least still get some minor mobo lights before failing to POST.

Any other troubleshooting I’m forgetting? Think I’ve got a 7600K and whatever generation ASUS in there.

I would agree.

Yep dead mobo, hope the CPU is ok.

Where was your UPS? Asking for a friend. :P

Anything else electrical in your house acting… odd?

Things seem okay but haven’t tested a lot.

Apparently it’s an MSI PRO Gaming CARBON z270, which is proving hard to replace. Not a lot of z270 stock left on the market, but the 7700K I’m rocking isn’t forward compatible with more-available 300-series stuff. Not thrilled to drop $150ish on something comparable and still go through the hassle of taking the whole damn pc apart for the second time in a year, but it’s not like I could afford a more contemporary CPU/MB combo any better.

Ugh, how obnoxious.

You might have some luck with ebay.

Do you have any others around with old computers, maybe someone that help you test to see if anything else might have shorted. It’s part of the reason I asked about other electronics because if it was a surge… might not just be the mobo.

I agree.

Removing and swapping a motherboard is the hardest part of an upgrade anyway, you’re going to have to remove the CPU and heatsink and then put them on the new motherboard. A new CPU too would actually be fewer steps because you won’t need to bother swapping the old CPU, you just put in the happy fancy new one and then drop it in the case.

I’ve been poking my local FB friends hopefully, but no dice so far on compatible parts. So yeah, this could quickly turn into a very pricy snipe hunt if I end up playing part replacement whack-a-mole. Gonna call the only real local pc shop left in the area later to see if they still have a 270 tester rig and how much it’d cost me to put my cpu into it.

If they’re not reasonable, you can always see if you can get the mobo and go through that work. I think our local shops are 75 just for opening the case, and that’s before they even do anything. I’m assuming you know how to unhook and then hook everything up, and if you can get around for 100… might be worth a shot. If it doesn’t start-up right away though… it might be worth reconsidering the approach.

I am of course operating under the assumption that there might have been a surge/short… not just the mobo died independently.

Yeah, I had a similar issue looking for a cheap replacement mobo for my i7 4790k. You’d think the older intel mobos would be cheap, but they were incredibly hard to find at all, and not overpriced. Ended up just going for a wholesale Ryzen upgrade. Had the spare CPU sitting on my desk for months thinking I might find a deal eventually and build a second box. I finally gave up and sold the CPU on craigslist this week.

It makes sense. They’re no longer produced, and retailers aren’t interested in keeping stock of 6-year-old hardware on shelves.

I was looking at a 65W Ryzen 5 CPU/MB combo, and it would actually be cheaper to get that than replace my current hardware with the same components I have now.

Now that I think about it, I have never upgraded or replaced a processor without the motherboard or vice versa. Nothing else in a PC is that closely connected, or goes out of retail stock quicker. Bitch of a situation for AP.

I’m a little glad that the Ryzen 3700X’s appear to be out of stock on Amazon and Newegg atm, cuz that’s pushing me towards the 3600 instead, heh.

The ebay idea is a solid one, but I’m just so leery of trusting randos hocking hardware, plus the lingering “what else is dead” questions.

Edit: spoke too soon there’s one up on there now, noooo

Seriously, me, don’t be dumb.

B&H just got 3700X, according to my Nowinstock alert 5 minutes ago!

You’re a bad person and an enabler, WH ;-)

Here’s a link!

Oh boy, has this happened to us a lot in the past! We’ve finally abandoned the “oh it’ll be ok!” routine and now we routinely unplug everything when it’s not being used that doesn’t need to stay on, so TV, console, amp, PC etc. Right now we have a big colony of fruit bats nearby and they keep electrocuting themselves on the power lines, happens several times a night, and each time there’s a power surge. While the whole “always on” thing sounds great, I’d rather save money! Oh yes, we abandoned the idea of resetting the clocks on things a long time ago.

I realise “suicidal fruit bats” is probably not on your list of things likely to happen anytime soon, but electrical storms certainly are.

I had a scary moment years ago when my MB wasn’t working. It turned out I had bent the PCB somehow and it was shorting against the case. I ended up just needing another $0.01 riser behind it. (But there was a $50.00 service fee.)