Dead Nation review

Oh, you guys again.

Thumbs down.

Zombies are boring

Ouch, I had higher hopes for this game. Pacman it is, then.

Wow, that’s a nasty surprise. I had expected Super Stardust with zombies but this sounds quite different… and much worse. Why didn’t they just do Super Stardust with zombies?

The next David Bowie-Mick Jagger collaboration! Or if Mick is unavailable, Keith would be even better.

This isn’t cached anywhere eh?

Trying to pick your free games, eh?

I already have very thing else…

So there’s a new version of this coming to the PS4 via plus. What’s really interesting though is that if you are streaming your viewers can affect your game.

More interested in if the multiplayer will even work. For a decent chunk of the game’s life, it didn’t, plagued by problems that made it unplayable.

I don’t know if the developers ever fixed these problems but at the time, they seemed to have no interest. This of course made me very unlikely to purchase future games from them.