Dead of Winter - Forum Game Edition 9000

Let the (mis?)adventure begin! So, with the intrepid farmer Andrew Evans, and the steely-eyed dispatcher Carla Thompson among the survivors, I assume we’ll be targeting the Grocery Store and the Police Station as our locations de jour to complete this scenario. Everyone seems to have a pretty decent search stat (five with 1-2+, four with 3+). If we have multiple characters at a few locations we’ll be dealing with lots of zombies every turn, so, aside from whatever crisis pops up, the main danger will probably come from the zombies. I think my best bet is to send out Heart as a body guard, he’s okay searching (3+) but a real badass with a gun (1+). Sending Lopez to the school now (to make use of her ability) will be a waste, but she’s one of the best searchers (2+), so I think I’ll send her out as well to get a head start on depleting some stacks.

Obviously Evans is going to be sent to the Grocery Store (killing two birds with one stone, unless ShivaX is the traitor, of course), and Carla will be heading to the Police Station (unless McMaster is the traitor, natch). The question is who needs the most protection? I’m leaning toward sending Heart to the Police Station (he has a higher attack than Carla) and Lopez to the Grocery Store (she has a solid search stat, but is weaker than Evans). Unless anyone has an objection, I think that’s what I’m going to do. My starting hand was kinda crappy but I can submit two cards for crisis contributions. If I find some more food I can always submit more if we’re short (can we submit cards to CC at any time, or only during our turn?). Since CC cards are submitted face down, should we PM the cards to you Agape?

Turn 1 TLDR, Opening: Pending exposure of course, Solider Heart moves to the Police Station (searching once with action die 6), Ms. Lopez to the Grocery Store (searching twice with AD 4 and 2). I’ll also submit two cards to the crisis contributions.

edit: based on what wholly said in the other thread, I added the “opening.” I won’t conclude my turn until I see what cards I draw, in case there is something I want to use/contribute.

I hate to bring up another procedure thing, but would it make sense to split this Play by Forum game off to a separate thread so as not to fill up the Dead of Winter discussion thread? I think most of the previous PbFs I’ve seen have done so. Jason or Tom should be able to do it so we don’t have to start over or copy/paste a bunch of stuff if they’re willing.

Seems like either this post or this post would be a good splitting point.

Exposure results:
Heart receives 1 wound
Ms. Lopez survives unscathed

: (

Okay, got my cards…before I finalize my turn and pass it to ShivaX, did we figure out when CC contributions come in? I can contribute at any time, and not just on my own turn, right?

Unless I’m misreading it, adding cards to the crisis contribution is an action taken on that players turn only. Unless there’s errata that says otherwise…

Hmmmmm, I don’t want to bog this down by any means, but it does seem vague to me. For most actions confined to a player’s turn, the rules specifically say “on the player’s turn,” for CC it doesn’t say that…

EDIT: that said, I won’t bog it down with rules quibbles, I’m perfectly happy to just contribute during my turn ; )

The “Add a Card to the Crisis” action is listed under the “Player Turn Actions” section though. I would think that means you can’t add to the crisis unless it’s your turn. I’m actually not aware of any actions a player can take when it’s not their turn.

Sounds good! I saw a let’s play session somewhere on the internet and players were adding CC on other people’s turns, so that was just in my head. It makes sense to confine it to the player’s turn, the wording of that section just threw me.

Turn 1 Final: I submit two cards to CC, no further actions.

Sorry, been out all day and trying to catch up.

So we have Lopez at the Grocery Store and Heart at the PD? Man, I wish I had me some fuel, here’s hoping we don’t all die horribly at the Grocery Store…

I guess, I’ll move Evans to the Grocery Store and search with my 3 and 6 (assuming he doesn’t get bitten and kill everyone).
Chan will look at a card from Scott’s hand. Then Evans, assuming he is alive will put up a barricade at the Grocery Store with the 2.

Based on how that all turns out and what I draw, I’ll figure what cards I want to add to the Crisis/food stores (remember we still need food in addition to the Crisis).

Evans manages to quietly join Lopez at the Food and Stuff but receives quite the chill on the way (receives 1 frostbite).

Scott please show ShivaX a random card via PM.

There is now 1 barrcade at the grocery store.

I’m going to be offline all day unfortunately. Ill try and send out the search PM tonight.

I pm’d the card. I have six cards in my hand, I assigned a value 1-6 to each card, and used a RNG to determine the card to show. I figured that was the best way to go about it.

Are we checking the crossroads cards?

Also, should I send out my turn now, or wait until Shiva is done with the search & contribution? I don’t want him to be influenced in terms of whether he makes noise, or for his contribution. I know what I want to do though and don’t want to slow things up.

Play Medicine (starter) so Evans doesn’t die. After that, just waiting to see what I get. I have quite a few things I can potentially add to the crisis.

I’m watching the crossroads cards. No triggers yet. Josemas you might want to wait until ShivaX finishes his turn, which h he should be able to do now that I’m back to send him his draws.

I think agapepilot forgot I get an extra card. :)

But I’m adding 2 cards to Crisis.
Then Play Food (1) (Grocery) to colony supply.

If that next card is food I’ll add that as well to colony, otherwise we can just skip ahead rather than wait for me to sort out my card.

OK, I will move Olivia Brown to the police station, and use action die “1” to use Olivia’s healing ability (I’ll heal Olivia Brown if she is hurt, otherwise I’ll heal Heart).

I’ll move Mike Cho to the grocery store, use the “2” to kill a zombie (if I remember right that he can do that with a 2), which he can do without rolling for exposure on account of he’s a ninja. Then I’ll use the “6” for Mike to search.

I’ll decide on the contributions after I see the search results.

Ah you’re right sorry about that! I just sent you your card.

Josemas, Olivia manages to join Heart at the Police Station without injury and works her Doctor magic to heal 1 wound on Heart. Mike Cho joins Evans and Lopez at the Grocery Store (there are no more open character spaces here) also without injury.

As an aside, you do not need to use your action die to use Olivia’s ability, her ability is free once per round. If you want to use that die to do some other action that can be used with any roll result let me know

Okay survivors, I apologize this took so long but I owe you a list of survivors in the game (as this would be something you’d all know just by looking around the board) so here you go. I know some of you can’t access Flickr all the time so i’m just going to go with a list here in this post.

Scott Dobros
Maria Lopez - Attack (4+) / Search (2+) – SCHOOL: (1+) Once per round you may kill 1 zombie at the school, do not roll for exposure.
Thomas Heart - Attack (1+) / Search (3+) – COLONY: (5+) Once per round you may kill 2 zombies at the colony, don’t roll for exposure.

Andrew Evans - Attack (3+) / Search (3+) – GROCERY STORE: Once per round when performing a search at the grocery store you may look at and keep an additional card.
Annaleigh Chan - Attack (2+) / Search (2+) – COLONY: Once per round you may look at 1 card at random from a players hand.

Mike Cho - Attack (2+) / Search (4+) – ANYWHERE: When performing an attack, don’t roll for exposure.
Olivia Brown - Attack (4+) / Search (3+) – ANYWHERE: Once per round you may remove any type of wound from a survivor that shares a location with Olivia, including Olivia herself.

Sophie Robinson - Attack (4+) / Search (1+) – ANYWHERE: Once per round you may look at the top card of a single location deck. After you have looked at the card place it back on the top of the deck.
Rod Miller - Attack (3+) / Search (3+) – ANYWHERE: When moving Rod, do not roll for exposure.

Carla Thompson - Attack (4+) / Search (2+) – POLICE STATION: Once per round, when searching at the Police Station you may look at and keep 1 additional card.
Sparky - Attack (2+) / Search (2+) – ANYWHERE: When rolling for exposure with Sparky, if you roll a bite treat it as if you rolled a wound. When spreading a bite effect, ignore Sparky.