Dead or Alive 4 delayed again (in Japan)

1UP thinks a US delay is just around the corner too.

Dec. 29 in the LotRS.


For some reason, I get GamePro. The last issue I got (I think it arrived yesterday) has a World Exclusive Dead or Alive 4 Review, proudly announced on the cover. They give it a 5, which makes me thihk this game is really going to be kickass when it’s finished!


Did you read that review? They don’t talk about how it plays, like… at all! There’s no discussion of the fighting, just a bunch of features. It actually reads like a preview all the way through. At first that’s what I thought it was, and then I saw there was a score on it… A 5.0 OUT OF 5.0 NO LESS.

I guess maybe they GMRed this review by playing it in Japan with Itagaki standing over them with his katana poised to strike?


I’d love to have it in time for Christmas hiatus, but every indication is we’ll be lucky to see DOA4 on shelves before February. EB still says 12/14, but something tells me they’re just making that up.

Oh well, better to have a finished and polished game than an on-time game. (See: Perfect Dark Zero)

As far as I know, it’s not even finished yet. The review as written is extremely suspect and seems intentionally vague. I have no idea what they actually played, or if it was even a version more advanced than what was at TGS and Zero Hour. Very fishy. New territory for Gamepro, if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, I think you’re right about that “new territory for GamePro” thing because I can’t recall them doing an exclusive review like this before. It’s kind of funny that it’s similar to the Ninja Gaiden thing where GMR had the review of that game months before it came out. Tecmo knows how to get the press!

At least in that case it was clear that the reviewer had played the game, even if it was under katana-induced duress. ;)


Dan Hsu of EGM mentioned a few issues back that a “key competitor” was selling magazine covers for exclusive reviews and content. Was he speaking of GamePro?

You mean Dan Hsu?

Judging by this development, it must have been GamePro, though Play could possibly be a suspect too since they had that huge exclusive Dragon Quest VIII blow out a month ago.


Typo fixed. He mentioned that it was happening over a course of many issues They had THAW Xbox 360 last month, meaning that the issue shipped around late October and was ready for print a while before that… hmm.

ohnoes, the bouncy boob fighter is delayed! Whatever will the poor, fighting-game starved masses do?

To be fair, maybe they’re just mirroring the approach that Tecmo is taking with the commercials for the game. “Check out all these cutscenes, they RAWK!.. Wait, you want gameplay footage? Uh… look, tits!”

My favorite thing about DOA has always been how hilariously arrogant the lead designer is when he discusses Tekken, a series that (I believe) has always sold better and earned more critical acclaim.

No kidding, their lead guy is an absolute nut job, I love his interviews.

I know almost nothing about fighting games because I hate them, but isn’t the DOA franchise kinda the Nintendo* of the genre? I always understood that Tekken and Soul Calibur got more respect from the hard-core.

[size=2]* Perpetual third-place.[/size]

Dude, dude. Itagaki is a hardcore rockstar. It’s not his problem you just can’t handle the straight dope.

But seriously, if DoA was on the PS2, would it have sold as well or better than Tekken? I know hardcore fighting fans prefer Tekken, but I’d think that DoA has greater mass appeal. It’s less serious and has the eye candy.

And to his credit, his games play great. Silky smooth, polished and very pretty. Although I think the DoA series is overly silly, to say the least.

Dead or Alive has always been a second tier fighting game to the likes of Tekken or Virtua Fighter specifically because it lacks the depth of those games.

Consider that DoA is pretty much not played competitively anywhere while just about all the other major ones you can think of (VF, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter III Third Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Guilty Gear) all are.


But… the jiggly jiggly… :(

Bah, I’d rather wait for the 360 beach volleyball spin-off. That game makes with the titties much better than the fighter.

haha… I can’t believe no one gave me shit for my screw up in the thread title. :)



Bah, I’d rather wait for the 360 volleyball spin-off. That game makes with the titties much better than the fighter.[/quote]

Yeah, seriously. If you want the bewbs only, then wait for Volleyball.

I’m not a huge fan of the series, but it’s entertaining enough that it would be on my list if I ever could buy a 360.


Bah. Best PSX fighter was Rival School by far.