Dead or Alive : The Movie


Good god.

That looks hilariously awful. I love, however, that they worked a beach volleyball scene in there. Brilliant.

By the way, aren’t there MALE characters in DoA?

By the way, aren’t there MALE characters in DoA?

All signs point to no.

There are male characters in DOA in the same way that there are articles in Penthouse magazine.

Is Uwe Boll behind this? If not, he should be.

Say what you want, I am SOOO seeing that movie…

Hey, I liked Underworld-what can I say?

Corey Yuen, apparently. So at least it’s an experienced chopsocky director.

It’ll still be crap, of course, but it probably won’t give you cancer. That’ll have to wait for Herr Boll to get one of the sequels.

How will it compare to Dead Alive, that is the real question.

Damn straight. Ideally, the end sequence will involve the perky gals getting waded through with a lawnower. Additionally, Takashi Miike’s Dead or Alive could be folded in, specifically the last five minutes of it. Perhaps one of the perkiest characters could pull the lawnmower out of the back of her head, leading to some sort of multi-gigaton nuclear explosion.

Nothing sets back mainstream acceptance of games as an entertainment medium so much as movies based on games.

Haven’t seen that film, but pointless violence and doggie porn + lawnmowers has to be worth something.

Whoa! Someone watched Dead Or Alive!

Yeah…the last 5 minutes was crazy, with rocket launchers a blazing :)

The lawnmower is Jackson’s, of course, not Miike’s. But it’s worth renting for the first five minutes and the last five. Everything in between can pretty much be skipped. Which I suspect will make it better than this one, in which all of it will likely be safely skipped.

Dead Alive you say?

I say :D :D :D

it was indeed quite the mess at the end…

I just saw it this Halloween at a party thrown by a high school friend I hadn’t seen in years. It had its moments, but it was a little too splashy for me at times. I liked Meet the Feebles more.

How the hell am I supposed to be able to see the video from that link?

When I click on “free download” I just see 10000 ads and a bunch of links trying to get me to purchase a Premium Account. Umm, yeah.