Dead or Alive -- The New Clancy Novel

Coming December 7 of all dates. Now that’s just tacky.

7 years is the longest he’s gone between novels, and Teeth of the Tiger was lame. The Ryan Family of superspies, Jack Jr. and his two cousins, saving America from every threat.

Well, Jack Jr and the cousins are back, but this time they’re bringing in John Clark and Ding.

Clark has to be in his 60s at least.

— Alan

And I’m sure it will be terrible.

Will this have zombies? It sounds like it will have zombies. I won’t read it unless there are zombies.


I stopped enjoying his books when Jack Ryan became more of a politician, acting as a mouthpiece for Tom Clancy’s world views.

But it’s not even really his book. He’s a co-author but I’d bet money that Grant Blackwood did most of the heavy lifting getting the words to page and Clancy guided from a perch.

I’d only read it if it has Kasumi, Ayane and Tina in it.

Clancy has never really recovered from 9/11. I think, privately, he still experiences more than a little guilt given that Debt of Honor inspired the method of attack.

Rightly or wrongly - that’s not an easy cross to bear.

I can see the similarity, but has there ever been any actual evidence the 9/11 planners got the idea from his book?

as long as you have not mailed the item to a different character.