Dead pixels

Well, maybe dead. I just got my 2005FPW and in the top right corner it looks like I have 3 or 4 dead pixels. It’s a little black spot. Anyone have any luck with this sort of thing or should I return it?

return it, but make sure it’s dead pixels and not a fleck of stuck dirt.

yeah, its dead pixels

How sad. When I first got mine I could do nothing but gawk at the screen, and I can imagine how much of a downer even a single dead pixel would be.

yeah, it’s like a 4 pixel pattern like an upside down T. I called Dell last night and theyre sending out a new one with a return slip for the current one. Fairly good service in that case.

Since we’re talking about Dell monitors I just wanted to add that I recently got a 2405 FPW, thanks to shameless plugging on this forum, and it’s truly one fantastic monitor. No dead pixels, fortunately.