Dead Rising - Disk unreadable error

After this morning’s posts, I got about 4 hours of DR with only one unreadable error. Not bad. I had moved my power brick away from the back wall of the entertainment center to create a little more circulation around it.

I doubt that was the reason for my improvement, though.

When it finally did get the unreadable error, after about 2 hours of gameplay, I felt both the 360 and the powerbrick, and neither were hot. They were maybe 110-115 degrees, at the extremes, I’d guess.

Have you seen this happen with other titles, Balasarius? You might want to spend an hour or two with another title to check whether the problem is specific to DR.

No disk read errors here, but my Xbox has been locking up lately, a couple times in DR and Hitman, and once last night in Saints Row (costing me nearly four hours of progress…grrr!).

I’m starting to worry that I’m going to have to get a fourth goddamn 360.


I’ve seen in reviews that SR locks up often, for what its worth.

I’d blame the 360 honestly, not DR. Hate to be that guy, but DR runs fine for me, and only chromehounds and ghost recon have ever locked up for me, and only then it was in network games that had been acting funky.

Xbox 1440.

Start saving your money. You’re going to be out $100 sooner rather than later.

Or a couple weeks of finger tapping if you bought a warranty.

No, I need to do that…

But I am not alone. There are many people experiencing this problem. (second post)


I’ve had the framerate in Dead Rising start to slow down after playing for several hours, but it hasn’t locked up yet. The only times I’ve had my 360 lock up is once during the first TDU demo and once after playing Oblivion for a few hours in the summer.

I’ve gotten the ‘Disc Unreadable’ error in Dead Rising three times now. No idea why. Twice, it was going to the same location - the Security Room, both times in the same day. Cold room, immaculate disc, cold 360, cold power supply, both well ventilated. I had it happen once in Chromehounds, but that’s because I was shipped a bad disc - scratched and covered in some form of greasy petrolium stain within the plastic, causing a rainbow hazing.

In any case, these are the only titles it’s ever happened in, and it’s certainly not linked to playtime - if it was, I couldn’t have left the 360 on for the 15 hours it took me to survive 6 and a half days in infinite mode.

Hmm… mine stopped doing it :P I haven’t had it happen in 2 days, so I guess my 360 got over itself :P

Just continue to play :P Maybe you haven’t cached ENOUGH yet.

I get this every so often, a bunch of peope here at work have had it happen to them at least once. The suck thing with it on DR, once it happens, i don’t feel like playing the game for a few days.


Yeah, with DR’s save system, losing hours of playtime like that is a serious enthusiasm killer. I still haven’t gone back to finish my last runthrough, after twice getting the five survivors from the Cinema back, only to lose them to Unreadable Disc Errors #2 and #3.

I still haven’t gotten the Cinema Survivor to trigger… I got bored last night, trying to get Genocider. Honestly, is the Mega Buster worth it?

Yes, very much so.


Is there any easier way then driving through the maintenance tunnel repeatedly with the Convertible, to the Sedan, to the Truck, to the Exit?

Yes, just use the truck, it will respawn if you go into the butcher area and back out. No reason to keep leaving the tunnel, plus that crowd by the doors is huge and respawns even without entering/exiting the butcher area. This’ll also get you the 24 hours indoors achievement eventually. ('m still working on this myself, but it SEEMS faster this way)

I’ve been hopping in the elevator beside the sedan to reset the tunnels. No need to go back and forth between two areas.

That sedan is crap though… Ran through 4 of those Propane tanks and it crapped out mid tunnel. Thank god I had a few of Adam’s damn Chainsaws…

The sedan’s mostly useful because it’s fast as hell. It’s great during the bomb run, but for simple zombie slaughter… not so much.