Dead Rising - who's there on day one?

Well, Dead Rising comes out next week and I will be there on day one - I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. Who’s with me? And do you think this game will live up to the feverishly high expectations, or are we in for a let-down?

It has the potential to be a game that I would eventually buy a 360 for, but I’m not jumping in just yet.

I would be there on day one but I’ll be out of town until that Friday, so I’ll have to settle for weekend one.

I predict massive amounts of hate and bitching about the (now required) story missions, but a massive lovefest from those of us who persevere until the infinite time mode is unlocked.

Some people have to think about whether or not they want to kill a bunch of zombies. These people suck. I hope these people have their faces eaten by zombies and then become zombies themselves so I can kill them in a mall with a shotgun or a chainsaw or a bench. Whatever, screw those people. I’m in, Gary.

It’s at the top of my rental queue, does that count for anything? :-)

I’m in, but only if I can kill a zombie Cathcart.

Depends. Is the game region locked? Love that PlayAsia website… 360 games for $40.


Send more paramedics.

I think the only thing that might blow it for me is if the tone is overly comedic. That promo website and some of the trailers I’ve seen indicate the tone is more Shaun than Dawn. I guess that’s fine, but if I had my druthers I’d want the game to be all-out relentless Romero zombie horror, with the minimum of comedy thrown in. If it’s too slapstick it may take the edge off for me.

I’m there on day one, but no, I don’t expect it to “live up to feverishly high expectations.” It’s been the typical mid-year game slump lately, especially on the 360, so it’ll be great to have a pretty cool looking game like this.

I’m expecting it to be “good,” a B+ kinda game, but that’s about it. Worth my while, and very welcome at this time of year, but not the second coming.

Well, I’m on vaca the week it comes out. Otherwise I would pick it up day 1.

Heh, it’s kinda hard to have a slump on a system that hasn’t yet had any kind of peak. With Chromehounds and Dead Rising and Saints Row, this is the first time since launch that I can think of three games that I’m interested in at once.

I’m headed to EB later to borrow an idea from earlier in this thread and pre-order a copy. I really don’t want to get there next week and discover the cupboard is bare.

You guys need to up the enthusiasm factor a bit if we’re going to do something about this whole zombie menace thing. It’s important. You can’t walk into a mall full of zombies and just kinda shrug like “OK I guess we’ll kill some zombies now.” It doesn’t work that way, that’s how they get you! Get psyched!

balut: zombie Cathcart would eat your face off from a mile away. You just count yourself lucky that no zombie ever built has a chance at getting me.

I’m too psyched up about killing some zombies!

No one zombie, perhaps. But FIFTY-THREE THOUSAND of them?

I’d be there but the 300 quid i’d need to get the 360 went on a ticket to see the other half in greece. I feel guilty that part of me would prefer to live in a nightmare zombie apocalypse than spend time with my girlfriend…shhhh…don’t tell her.

I’d be interested in this if ther was some multiplayer form to it or something that would make me want ot play through it more then once after I’ve gotten em all. Like if they added a Co-Op where if you “died” you became a zombie and kept reincarnating as long as there are other zombies for you to replace. (zombiefication only accurs on death by zombie not through suicide of course ) If it really is only a single player one run deal I’d rent it beat it and return it.

Dude, whatever. Don’t buy Dead Rising. See if I care. At least half of you guys deserve to be zombie food, anyway.

I bet money this game is just going to be a slower-paced version of State of Emergency ;P

I’m getting this one, day one. I’ve liked it ever since I played the demo at X360 launch in Nevada. Plus zombies >= awesome.

I do believe this would cause many, many gamers to break down and cry.