Dead Space Banned All Over The Place

I was cruising along the news sites today and picked this one up. Apparently Ve3tro (not to be confused with VE3D) is reporting that Dead Space’s release date has been pushed up to October 14th (woot!) but that it’s also been outright banned in Germany, Japan and China (fuck!)

I don’t know if you heard but Dead Space is now hitting stores on October 14th! Weird, huh, we moved it in another week. The team is simply amazing that they were actually able to pull the date in. Some other crazy news I just got that isn’t exactly good news is that Dead Space was banned from being sold (yes outright banned, this time I’m correct) in Japan, Germany, and China! Man…

What the hell? I just hope this isn’t true, but if it is, I don’t understand why. It isn’t any more violent than BioShock and FEAR, and it sure as hell doesn’t approach the level of ‘random violence’ as Grand Theft Auto IV or Manhunt. Not that I think those games need to be banned either, because they don’t. Thailand’s just banned the hell out of every GTA game and a lot of other countries are following in their footsteps.

Yeah, let’s blame games for all this violence and shit while movies like Hostel get shown freely at every theater.

Huh? Isn’t the main feature of the game how you can dismember enemies?

What’s the real source of these news? Where are the statements from the publisher and/or from the censorship boards in each region?

Yeah, but I don’t see what the big deal is? You can set people on fire, sting them to death with deadly bees, electrocute and even shatter them in Bioshock.

See, that’s the thing. I have no idea. I’d like some confirmation on that.

For Germany:
According to Gamestar’s website EA denied that this rumor is based on facts.
They plan to release a press statement soon to clear things up.
Germany will not “ban” anything before they have a version of the game up for review and that didn’t happen yet.

The possible reason for a “ban” in Germany might be that EA will not release a “cut” version here. German officials will have problems with the “dismemberment” but since it’s a vital part of the gameplay it might not be possible to cut the game that way without screwing it up totally.
Maybe that’s how the “ban” rumors started.

Edit: This seems to be the origin of the news:

We’ve also been told by Dead Space community manager Andrew Green that the title has been completely banned from the following countries: Germany, Japan, and China. That’s right, there’s just too much survival and way too much horror in Dead Space for these countries to handle. No word on whether EA has any plans to alter the game for a future release in those territories.

Update for Germany:

Gamestar reports now that EA says it’s not true.
The German officials are still reviewing the build given by EA.

Thanks for the investigation. Looks like some doofus tried to generate extra publicity for the game in America. “It’s so awesome it’s BANNED!!1!”

I honestly hope it doesn’t get banned, or cut, or whatever. It’s looking like too good a game for that kind of shit to happen to it.

I really hope this game turns about to be as cool as it looks in the videos I’ve seen of it.

Does anybody else find it ironic that the biggest (soon to be two biggest) video game convention in Europe is hosted in one of the most video game hostile countries?

Just a thought.

This would explain the infomercial I saw at 3am last night…

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Space zombies are cold, silly.

The way the German ratings board works, they won’t ever ‘ban’ anything until it’s on the shelf. But if you work with them, you can get a pretty clear idea of what’s going to happen, so even if it’s not technically banned yet, it could be clear to everyone that it’s destined for a ban. Theoretically - I know nothing about this title in specific.

I had no idea Japan was into banning games. Censoring porn, yes, but I didn’t know they had a problem with animated violence.

You can’t trust a country that censors out pubic hair.

Yeah, I never quite got the “Demonic tentacle rape A-OK!” but there’s a ban on pubes.

Hmmm. Dismembering opponents is a “vital” part of this game? I can’t tell if that makes this an instant sale or a no sale for me. I haven’t played a “dismember your opponents” game since The Bilestoad…

I don’t trust a society that bans nipples.

Someone banned nipples? Should I be hiding out or something? That seems rather painful.