Dead Space (no spoliarz)


Game still looks great!


It does, I wasn’t sure how it would hold up but together with its remarkable sound ambiance (which hasn’t dated a day) it still feels like a relatively modern title. It still has the old (ie. never fixed) vsync bug, which leads to sluggish mouse movement, but I fixed this by turning off vsync in the app and enabling it under nvidia control panel. I tried the controller but I find the mouse far more precise, and when faced with a jumble of limbs and claws heading in your direction then precision is exactly what I need!


Dead Space 3 is the best Dead Space.


Or just continue posting screengrabs of the first game, which is a pretty compelling argument in itself. Those look great.



No Tom, Dead Space 3 was the worst , especially when you end up on the frozen planet.


Dead Space 3 had some really cool parts, some really cool ideas. Floating around in space at the beginning, exploring all those drifting space hulks in orbit over the ice planet was pretty great. Didn’t hit the highs of the first two games, but still really interesting. It’s just that once you get down to the planet, things get … boring. The weird love triangle thing with Ellie and what’s his name, your boring space marine partner, the boring space aliens who lived on the planet once upon a time … it was all just so, what’s the word? It’s on the tip of my tongue.


There’s some strange writing on the floor and walls here. This must have been a school room, perhaps? All those kids, the scamps, writing on the floor!

Look at this guy, just lying there. It’s totally not playing possum or anything. No, I’d better just let it sleep and come back a bit later…

Oh look, toilets. And the lights just went out and came back on again. That’s not spooky at all. I wonder what’s in there.

Oh, nothing at all! How anticlimactic. I bet the next time I go into some toilets expecting nothing I’ll find something leaping at my face!

There’s lots of great industrial machinery in Dead Space. Not sure what this cage is, but it’s broken, swinging back and forth ominously, casting scary shadows on the floor. What was once a functional piece of machinery now seems as alien as the rest of the necromorphs.

Finally, upgrades! I want everything, and I want it now! What do you mean I only have two power nodes? Hmmm. Damage and capacity increase. Yeah, that sounds reassuring. I’ve also already completely run out of inventory space, packed as it is with med packs and plasma rounds. This crappy suit is feeling restrictive already.

So now that I’ve replaced the broken tram and got the control circuit I need, I can finally get this thing working again. Look Chris Roberts, a working tramway system years before Star Citizen!

What do you mean, go back to the shuttle? Who put you in charge anyway? Oh, I guess the company did. Anyway, backtracking through these early areas is the kind of thing Dead Space does so well. It’s never quite the same, and you know from the skittering things in the mist that bad things are going to happen.

I’d show you those bad things, but I was a bit too occupied trying to stop them from chewing my face off that I keep forgetting to hit F12.

Anyway, back to the shuttle, let’s see if we can’t get this thing working aga…

Oh crap. There goes my ride off this pile of junk. The only solution is to find the pilot. His body is in Medical. Ah yes, Medical. Every sci-fi horror movie has to have a Medical section. It’s where BAD THINGS happen.

Well, goodbye world. Let’s take a last look at this iconic view which I’m sure we’ll see again…




I tried to play dead space 3 but for all the cool modification they sacrificed scares,atmosphere, and story. Dead Space 3 suffers from Alien 3 syndrome.


Ok, quick toilet break.

On second thoughts, I can hold it.

I’m at the tram station. It’s remarkably free of gore and viscera. However, it does have these scary ads. I’m not sure what (or who) Peng is, but it’s not exactly selling it. The Bonitica ad is even more depressing. Ok, back to the alien zombies.

Finally, a store! I can buy some Mountain Dew perhaps, or some Peng. But wait, what’s this? Who sells all this shit at the tram station?

I guess that suit sounds pretty fly. I’ll just step into this completely trustworthy device…

Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Check it.

For my money, I get a grand total of 3 additional inventory slots and… that’s it? Ok, that’s why you don’t buy shit at the tram station. At least I look more like a deep sea diver.

I take the tram and the next station is… well, a mess. There’s body bags everywhere. I suppose this is the medical deck, but it looks more like a morgue right now. But wait, what’s this! An actual, living person? Uh…

It’s not really a spoiler if I tell you she doesn’t last very long. Dies in a very dramatic fashion with limbs flailing everywhere thanks to the ragdoll system kicking in. At least she gave me the ability to do this…

I feel like a Jedi, force pushing things out of the way. I hope it comes in more useful than just moving a couple of crates.

Down this corridor, following a blood trail, it must lead to the medical section! But what’s this? More anti-science propaganda! Hey, you’d still be back on Earth relaxing by the river and watching the sunset without science, instead of being on this advanced starship surrounded by alien corpses. Wait, ok, you may have a point.

Well we got to Medical. I remember this room. It is horrible.




Finally, the office I was looking for… wait, why am I in here again? I was just following the open doors! Is this the chain smoking villain?

He must be a villain, he has this poorly concealed room behind this bookcase. If only I had the ability to move things out of the way with my mind…

So, there it is. Don’t blame the scientist, guys. It’s the freakin’ religious nutjobs this time. Note the foreshadowing in the background.

Ok, I’ll just loot the place and figure out where to go next.



Oh hi! Excuse me, are those babies you’re keeping in liquid vats? Can I see your ethics permit please? That’s ok, I’ll wait.

Someone must have bagged one of Ripley’s bad guys here…

Are you serious? Those things are like hen’s teeth. Besides, I need it for my plasma cutter.

It’s time to use my kinesis module again. I’m not actually sure what the purpose of this equipment actually is, but it looks potentially dangerous.

Ah, finally, my first zero-g section! I love these, so haunting. Sound is muffled and replaced by a sound ambiance right out of Alien 3.

We’re not actually in zero-g yet, despite look out through a giant hole in the hull at spaaaaaace.

Ah, here we go. Wait, hold on. This guy isn’t wearing his gravity boots!

Spectacular and potentially disorientating, but I am a master at Descent, so no worries.

I’m getting to the stage in the game where I’m starting to stomp on every dead body I see, for… reasons.

Feeling queasy yet?

In the future, they still haven’t figure out how to put a USB plug into a socket first time.

Ok, I got out of that fairly easily. Back at the workbench and it’s time to upgrade my plasma cutter! I’m going to try and do the whole thing with just the plasma cutter, which could be asking for trouble, but here goes. MOAR DAMAGE.

Oh shit! I hate these things! There goes an entire plasma clip. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Time to blow the thermite to clear the barrier preventing progress. I’ll just set it and get back to a safe distaaaaAAAAAAAAAAARRGGHHH!

Oh yeah, I guess this engineering suit does have its uses. Anyway, I FUCKING HATE THIS NEXT BIT. Time to take a break.


Speaking of the babies in vats: I love that there’s all this lore in the world of Dead Space just under the surface of you take the time to look a little deeper, read the logs, stuff like that. The CEC clones crew members and keeps the babies on hand for body parts when crew members are injured. It’s just so casually amoral, and then also explains why there are baby zombies with tentacles growing out of their backs all over the ship. It’s awesome.


Yes, the consequences of both religion and science going off the deep end show that morality had been the first thing to die. The marker simply fed off the corpse and created alien space zombies.

Are you still going with a plasma cutter only run?


So far, at not quite halfway, yes I am. It’s easier than it sounds since you can devote your power nodes to one weapon and make it a beast.


Are you playing on Hard or Normal. I sooked out and went with Normal because I thought I’d be a nervous wreck, but now that I’m into it the old skillz and confidence are coming back. Still, I know that it gets harder, and I know that without any other weapons things like the spidery things will eat through your ammo (if they don’t eat through your face) and when you’re fighting those bastards off and being assailed by several other necromorphs at once then Hard might be a bit too frustrating. So yes, I’m sticking with the plasma cutter only, on Normal. That actually makes it more scary because, to be honest, some of those other weapons felt OP. But like you said, having a single beast of weapon is likely to make up for it. We’ll see. The horrors of the infirmary await…


I’m playing on normal, because I’m doing a “new game plus” from my initial play years ago, with the military suit unlocked and my powered up weapons carried forward. Which yeah, kind of trivializes the experience, but I’m thinking I’ll use it as a warmup for an Impossible run. Because I have to be honest, it kind of galls me that @Rock8man has that Epic Tier 3 Engineer achievement and I don’t.


Heh, yeah, I did

  1. Hard run with Plasma Cutter.
  2. New Game Plus of Hard and leveled up the other weapons.
  3. Did an impossible run where I did mostly the plasma cutter and one or two other powerful weapons.


The only thing hard about this game on any difficulty is that stupid section where you’re destroying asteroids. I had a tough time with that.

All the rest of the game is hard, but not really hard. My current run through Gears of War Ultimate on Normal difficulty is giving me more trouble than this game ever did on any run.


Hmmm, so you’re saying I should restart this on Hard? ;)


I hit a double whammy tonight in the sequel.

I got the Kinectic doohicky so that I can impale enemies with objects lying around. And then a few moments later I got the plasma cutter!

Haaaaaalellujah. So sweet to be fully equiped again. Now all I need is a suit.


So it’s time for the medical clinic and the morgue. Brrrrr. Still light outside? Check. Lights in room on? Check. Fluffy dogs for company? Check.

This is what’s called “foreshadowing”.

Ok, this room… was not as bad as I remembered it. Hmmm. Still, it doesn’t look very inviting, does it?

I got attacked in here by more of those mutant babies, but they were dispatched with ease with my upgraded plasma cutter. Another attack in the corridor followed, in which one of the necromorphs tried to eat my face off the bastard, and I was so busy hitting E that I forgot to hit F12. Ah yes, hit E to not have your face chewed off. Dead Space never really went with the QTEs but this was the closest it got.

This charming lady was in the process of sawing the poor guy’s ribcage open when I disturbed them, so she naturally slit her own throat. Charming. I suck at taking screenshots though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Ah, the morgue. I have a bad feeling about this. Seeing the storage bays opening of their own accord isn’t doing my nerves any good.

Oh shit, here we go. That bat-like thing on the left, that’s new. It attaches itself to dead bodies and turns them into very much not dead necromorphs, and one of them is heading in my direction fast. This is the point in the game where I shoot the shit and stomp on any bodies, lest they get turned into more monsters!

I grabbed the captain’s macguffin and escaped back to the clinic. I’m not taking any chances, those dead bodies need dismembering!

Phew. All done. That was no drama. Now I’ll just head back through this door and… AAAAAAAAAAHHH

These dark necromorphs are tougher, it takes several shots to put them down. I tried shooting this one in the nuts, but after listening to a spooky audio log of a guy pulling his own teeth out, I don’t think it’s having the desired effect.

Heading for engineering deck now. Apparently we’re spiraling down towards the planet so I need to get the engines back online. Oh, and we’re out of fuel too. This day just keeps getting better.

Good old Scotty.

No shit.

This deck reminds me of the lower decks of the Nostromo, in more ways than one.

Wait, let me upload this inappropriate selfish to Space Facebook. Spacebook.

I love computer displays in games, especially when they’ve gone to such effort to make them look functional. This one is informing me that we’re all going to die, complete with animated orbital decay hologram. Cool.

Aha, another workbench. Again, I love the design of this level. A haven, it’s just over there, we just need to go down these stairs and step over this dead necromorph…

Hmmm. My spider senses are tingling. Let’s just shoot a leg off, just in case.

Can’t fool me, dude… thing.

Look at all these bodies strung up from the ceiling. Ah wait, nice.

Ok, damage and capacity upgraded nicely. That should keep me going against the reinforced necromorphs for a while. Time to upgrade stasis next, which comes in very handy for crowd control.

Time for a break, but this is our immediate objective. Get those engines running again. To do that, we have to head into a really, really scary part of the ship. Typical.


My next entry in the increasingly inaccurately titled “no spoliarz” thread sees me heading into the bowels of engineering, trying to get the engines refueled and the centrifuge back online. There’s no way I was going to play this bit at night, so here we are on a Saturday afternoon. It’s sunny outside. How scary could this possibly be?

Brrrrr. Ok, even the scenery is intimidating. I’ve mentioned this before, but the ship is as much a part of the horror as its slimy inhabitants. Everything about the architecture is cold and alien, recalling strange body parts and horrific creatures. It’s hard to imagine people actually living here.

Fancy taking a scary cable car disappearing into the foggy darkness? Me neither.

Oh look, an unwelcoming party.

The above is the first place that I legit died in the game. Four necromorphs assaulted me, including one of those really nasty ones that takes about 9 shots! The second attempt I finally managed to survive, and then I noticed the conveniently-placed explosive cannisters on the floor where they’d all been standing. D’oh.

More vertebral hand-rails. Who designed this thing?

I refuelled the engines, and headed back across the scary cable car of death. This time I’m prepared for anything. Naturally, nothing appears, other than some extremely unpleasant growling noises from far below.

Nearly back to the safety of the control room. Uh oh… wasn’t that the guy who I was posing with earlier? This can’t be good. I emptied an entire clip into these two. I’ve started picking up schematics for other weapons, but while I’ve added them to the shop I’m going to foolishly stick with my plasma cutter. It makes for exciting times.

Now to turn the centrifuge back on. I don’t remember much about this bit, so perhaps it was just fine. Oh… oh shit. Now I remember this.

This is fine, right? It won’t take a minute.

Is this what’s supposed to happen? Wait… what’s that I can see outside the windows?


I’d better see if I can shed some light on things… aaahhhhhhh

Two intense minutes later, after things have been dropping from the ceiling around me, I finally get fully decontaminated. Time to head to the centrifuge and get that sucker working again.

This doesn’t look promising.

This part was fun. Using a combination of stasis and kinesis while fighting off necromorphs in zero g.


After dodging the whirling centrifuge and getting the hell out of there. There’s a conveniently-placed save station. Oh I don’t need that, the control room is just around the cornaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Let go of me you scoundrel! I didn’t bloody save the game!

Oh shit, I forgot I also had to go BACK through this effing room. Fortunately, in true Dead Space tradition, the scariest part is what doesn’t happen.

Ok, my nerves are shot. That’s going to have to wait for another time.