Dead Space (no spoliarz)


Hmmm. Well, it’s a bit like Alien vs Aliens. Both great movies, but for different reasons. DS1 is the more pure experience, and certainly the scariest, but DS2 improved upon it in some ways, better pacing, more variety, better weapons and combat. I have not played DS3 yet (well, other than the opening 20 minutes). I’m hoping it’s more Alien3 than Alien Resurrection.

So, here’s the final installment. It goes without saying that there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead if you for any reason need to be reminded of that, but yeah. ;)

Also, @Rock8man was correct to question my brightness settings. I discovered earlier today that there is (yet another) bug in the PC version where playing Fullscreen sets the brightness to max! OH MY GOD. It was scary enough already. So I’ve now adjusted the brightness to minimum, and actually it hasn’t made it any harder to see, but it’s certainly made it look a lot nicer on my monitor.

Behold the shuttle craft, as it is meant to look. Spooky, eh?

Right, where was I again?

Oh yes, loading the marker into the shuttle. Let’s get this bad boy down to the planet.

Of course none of the machinery is working as per usual, so I have to manually faff around with track junctions and drag the thing along manually, all the while being attacked by beasties from beyond. The marker is chanting sweet nothings into my ear the whole time. That couldn’t be bad, right?

Time to meet Dr Kyle in the shuttle. Hi Dr Kyl… WHAT?

Someone shot you? Someone in the shuttle? And wait, COME BACK! Don’t leave me on this damn ship!

Oh great, you’re a Unitologist traitor. I’m in some real pretty shit now.

But wait, I forgot. There’s still Nicole, and here she is! Oh let’s hug and be happy. No? You’re being a bit cold and distant, Nicole. You’re worrying me.

Ha! That’ll learn ya!

Here it comes, but not before our traitorous Unitologist friend managed to get away in an escape pod. Well that’s ok, we’ll never see her again.

Get to da shuttal! There’s always a few last pockets of resistance though. Three of these nasty, high-speed bastards.

We’re off, and our creepy girlfriend is coming with.

Doesn’t this place look inviting? We’ve left one hell behind and entered another.

Welcome to Hadley’s Hope.

Time to drag the marker to its final destination. Looking up there’s a gigantic piece of rock in orbit held by gravity tethers. Let’s hope they hold, eh?

First I need to find a way to open the main blast door into the complex. I wonder if the power module is in here? Oh, hi there! That’s not subtle.

I think Dante would be impressed with this place.

Ok, so we have to drag the marker manually through this complex, raising bridges and holding them with stasis as we go. I don’t expect this to go smoothly.

I hate being right. This was a sustained assault and a half! My poor ammo.

Damn, the bridge controls aren’t working. The power switch must be at the end of this strangely winding tube with no gravity!

On the way back, the shit really hit the fan(s).

Uh oh, it’s another of these super armoured beasts. Only this time, I am not afraid. It goes down pretty fast.

Finally out into the open and WHAT IN FUCK’S NAME IS THAT?

Well, it’s gone. I guess the spiders here are pretty big. Giant tentacles too. Got the drag the marker to the end while fighting off the ravening hordes.

Nearly there, nothing can stop me now!

DIE! Or whatever it is you’re doing. Wait, what am I doing again? Why was I compelled to do this?

Oh shit, those gravity tethers I prophetically mentioned earlier? Not working anymore. We’re going to be making pancakes unless I get the hell out of here fast.

Well, this screenshot really sums it all up, doesn’t it! The Unitologist spy just happened to land nearby and is taking the damn marker back again, and she’s accusing me of being in its thrall. As proof, I get to watch the last recording made by Nicole. Oh. Oh dear.

I find a convenient shortcut back to the landing platform. It’s like the alley at the back of a pub, except not quite as gross.

Looks like I’m too late.

What the shit?

Holy crap. This must be the Hive Mind. Not the QT3 Hive Mind, of course, but it puts on a good show.

I think I pissed it off.

I do some dental work for free, getting rid of those nasty abscesses, after which it picks me up for some detail work on its tonsils.

Fortunately you can’t smell how bad its breath is. Dayum.

And then, as quickly as it appears, it is gone. I’m left alone to stare into the dusty sunset.

And then I remember, oh shit there’s a giant meteor about to land on my head! HIT THOSE THRUSTERS PILOT.

Another lucky escape, Isaac.

Finally, it’s over. The nightmare is gone.

We take off our helmet, get our first proper look at Isaac as he reminisces about Nicole. She’s dead after all.

AAAAUUUGH! FUCK YOU, I damn near had a heart attack!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. Does Isaac survive? Has he lost his marbles entirely? Tune in next time, or some time, for quite possibly a Dead Space 2 playthrough. Not now though, now I can put this to bed and…

Oh. Military Suit unlocked, eh? :) Well, I’m almost tempted to play NG+ so I can buy it from the store.


Well, I hope you enjoyed that journey. I wasn’t intending to play through the whole game, but it grabbed me and held my attention right to the end. It holds up remarkably well, the sound design, enemy behaviour and combat system in particular. Also still the scariest game I’ve ever played, a curious feeling of terror and compulsion to continue. I loved it.


Really loved your playthrough of Dead Space 1. It was awesome :)


Nicely done, krayzkrok! I do love that first game, it’s ptobably my favorite though they’re all pretty good. I definitely think the complaints about DS3 are overstated but it is also a step down from the first two. Much like Alien 3!


Thanks everyone. But, there’s one last thing to be done. I can’t not do it.

There she is. Again? I sense… deja vu? What is happening?

Why am I doing this again?

It’s as though my life is replaying before my eyes.

But wait, this is different! I have a plasma cutter already. Ok baby, LET’S DO THIS!

Ha, you weren’t expecting that, were you? Say goodbye to your knees.

20 minutes later…

Ah, this is why we’re here.

Damn, I look like… I dunno, like I just bought some microtransaction suit, actually.

Ok, it’s pretty bitchin’ I guess. Finally, I can be the one striking fear into the hearts of necromorphs!

THE END (really, this time)


Sad we won’t probably ever get a Dead Space 4.

Saw this recently uploaded on the webs:


Watching it now. I just got to the point where their initial design had the same movement contrivances as Resident Evil 4, i.e., not being able to move and shoot at the same time. Gah, can you imagine if the game had been like that? I wouldn’t have played through it once, let alone three times back to back.

EDIT: Woah. So after Dead Space Visceral made a bunch of duds like Dante’s Inferno and a canceled game where you play Jack the Ripper. I did not know that. And then the next Dead Space game was not Dead Space 2, but Dead Space Extraction on the Wii. This is the first time I’m seeing footage of Extraction. This game looks pretty darn cool. I still have my Wii somewhere, I wonder if I can track down a cheap copy of Extraction somewhere?

EDIT 2: Ok, 20 minutes in, and they’re talking in detail about Dead Space 2, which I’m playing now, so I’ll have to stop watching this video.


I don’t have a Wii, but I did watch a Let’s Play of the entirety of Extraction, it was that good (I am not usually one to watch Let’s Plays).


Cool story and video over at Ars Technica with some development footage of the tentacle sections of Dead Space.


I love the “war stories” series so much! Since we’re 6 years since the last entry, I really hope E.A. return to Dead Space soon. Thanks for posting, divedivedive. :)


I didn’t know the game was considered part of the survival horror genre. I guess I DO like something in that genre after all. I always thought of it as a 3rd person action game.


Well I’d say it has more in common thematically and mechanically with Resident Evil than Gears of War, personally.


I’ll take it! It’s the game that finally made me love survival horror, then. And 10 years later, I realized that fact.


It’s a bit in the middle, imo. It’s a horror action game.


Since I wrapped up my playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, I figured I’d go back to what I was doing before that monolith dropped in my lap and play some more Dead Space. And now, the feeling I am experiencing is more annoyed than anything else, oddly enough. I’m in chapter 7, at the point where I need to attach a beacon to a captured asteroid and send it out into the galaxy to broadcast an SOS. And I’ve failed this mission several times - I don’t know how many times the damned rotating blades have chopped me into pieces, but it’s more times than I’ve died to necromorphs, I’m fairly confident of that. It would be ironic if this is what kills my run, but I guess I’ve grown soft in my expectations of checkpoints. Running through the whole process, even if I died at the very end of it, is not fun for me. Argh, putting the game down for a while.


This stumped me for a while until I realised the asteroid is round…!


It did take me a couple of attempts to remember how this worked, but most of my deaths are due to failures in execution. I just get turned around going from the ship to the spherical surface and then back again, and it’s just too easy for me to lose track of those armatures until I take a false step and get sliced and diced. I’ll try again tonight, probably. Can’t quit now.


Ah yes, those were deaths 5, 6, 7 & 8 in that room! I solved it by jumping from the side wall, landing at a shallow angle on the asteroid right next to the opening, which means I stood up facing the same direction I’d just been leaping.

This puzzle is perhaps the only time they really dropped the ball on consistency. They spent considerable time training you to use stasis to slow down moving machinery and yet it simply doesn’t work on those arms. My solution was “oh fuck it, I’m just going to try and jump right to the edge and run… oh, it worked”.


I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but this part absolutely rings a bell. There was a part in the game where I kept trying to use stasis, and it just didn’t work.


This bit:

(thanks to this thread I have a screenshot for every occasion!)


Yeah, you turned the “no spoliarz” thread into the biggest spoiler thread that has ever thoroughly spoiled a game. Well done you.