Dead Space (no spoliarz)

I guess if the original is remastered, hopefully they can do the whole game with full real time ray tracing to do all the lighting and shadows. That would be a lot of work though, like what the Metro Exodus team did.

Hmmm. I can’t get either of the two games (DS 1 or DS 2) to launch on my new machine……… starts to load and then CTD’s to desktop before I see anything on the screen.

Anyone else have this problem - and if so, how did you solve it?

I’m running windows 10 on a laptop with an intel 11900H and 3080; tried various compatibility modes and none work.

The problem I had with Dead Space 2 (and according to the discussion page, it’s a very common one) is it won’t contact the authorization server correctly, and so refuses to launch. Not sure if this is causing your CTD. I got around it by finding, I shit you not, a NOCD .exe that circumvented the CD / DVD check and allowed me to launch the game. Not saying this is the answer to your woes, but it might be related.

And yes, this is Windows 10, latest version. I’m running a much older CPU and GPU than you though.

Thanks @krayzkrok. Very bizarre - not sure I have used CD’s in the last decade! ;-)

I’ll give it a try.

Remake announced

It’s pretty cool that they value this high enough for it to be the “one more thing” teaser at the end of their conference. It kind of shows that they still think (hope?) that it will be super popular again.

That teaser has the look of a game that’s still at least two years out.

I loved one and two, can’t wait.

The trip mines are much harder to use strategically than I would have thought.

You have to place them far away from one another for one thing, otherwise the explosion from one will set off the other, wasting a mine. Secondly, enemies will go around the trip mine, most of them, unless you specifically bait them into going over it. But that requires standing near it, but if you’re near it when it goes off, you die along with the enemy, so you have to stand near it, and then back away. But you can’t back away into another mine you laid down.

Anyway, I stopped overthinking it and just lay down three mines at the start of the battle and switch to the other weapons now. But on the other hand, I still can’t win this battle, so maybe that was not a good strategy after all.

Still fun to try to figure this out though. All these monsters coming at me also drop loot. And I want to pick that up during the battle as well, because I have to leave the room at the end of the fight, so anything I don’t pick up is lost. Maybe I’m being too greedy by trying to pick up the loot as well? Hmmm.

Glad to see that Schofield (one of the original Dead Space creators) is cool with the remake. I guess if you were cynical you might think, well what else was he going to say? But good thing we aren’t cynical around here.

So I guess we’ll keep using this thread to talk about the new game for the time being, why not:

Looking at the list of folks involved, I see a bunch of Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect veterans, make of that what you will.

If it was a new game in the Dead Space universe it might have more implications, but surely this is mainly a technical challenge, right? The game is already designed, already has a content goal, the talent presumably is focused on making it look, sound and feel right. Better, in fact, otherwise why bother? Of course there’s always room for it to be tweaked and possibly added to, but hopefully it doesn’t mean they’ll turn it into an open world with a planet scanning minigame.

This isn’t a remaster, they’re calling it a “reimagining”. So based on the game but rebuilt with new stuff presumably.

They seem to be calling it all kinds of things, but the official word is “remake”, and they’re saying they want to stay true to the original, rebuild it from the ground up, remake all the assets etc. I took that to mean they’d be going in largely the same direction and recreatinng the feel of Dead Space, rather than redesigning core gameplay elements. What I mean is, I hope they don’t try and fix what isn’t broken. But they’re being sufficiently vague about it that I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

One interesting thing is I wonder if they’ll voice Isaac Clarke now in this one. Having him have an actual character in 2 and 3 was definitely the right call, I think.

They’re going to show off a really really early build today apparently. Starts in about 3 hours and 20 minutes on something called twitch.

Confirmed that they are developing the game on the Frostbite engine. I doubt anyone is surprised.

Indeed a very early build is being shown.

Also confirmed, no microtransactions. That aspect of Dead Space 3 can remain an unpleasant memory.

Oh wow, Gunner Wright is returning to voice Isaac! That’s cool.