Dead Space (no spoliarz)

Yes but at least I didn’t post any spoliarz.

I guess I’ve been forgetting to post my updates! Not as cool as krayzkrok’s since it’s way hard to take photos and put them on the internets from my Xbox. But I made it to chapter 11, and I’m at the point where I’ve got to get the monolith to the shuttle. I’m winding down with this one, in the home stretch. Really would like to get it knocked out before the big games come out in the next few weeks, so I’m going to buckle down and do it!


All right! It’s done! Once again, unto the breach, and damn the torpedoes! Or something. Anyway, I defeated the hive mind a second time, got the last remaining achievements (except one, I’ll come back to that) and claimed victory.

I know it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of achievements, I can be a bit obsessive about them. I want to mention one little thing I really love about them before I go any further. I first played Dead Space on October 19, 2008. I know this because I received my first achievement of the game at that time, called Marksman, wherein I relieved necromorphs of 20 of their limbs. I beat the game on November 9, 2008 - receiving the Survivor achievement for winning on any difficulty. I returned to the game at some point in 2011, because I received the achievement for killing 30 enemies with a melee attack on November 12, 2011, three years later. I also got an achievement for escaping a lurker’s attack 10 times on that same day. Then - I set the game down but came back to it again in 2017, when I got the Ragdoll Check achievement for forcing an enemy into a gravity panel 5 times on November 18, 2017 - six years later. And then in the last few weeks I’ve returned again to complete the game.

Most people probably don’t care much about that kind of thing, but I’ve always enjoyed achievements for their “scrapbooking”, if you could call it that, effect. I can go back and review the history of my gaming experiences. I think that’s cool. And yeah, I know I may be crazy.

I did remember to make an additional save after winning on Impossible difficulty so that, should I so desire someday, I could come back and get that last achievement, Epic Tier 3 Engineer. It’s petty of me, but it kind of galls me a little that @Rock8man has it and I don’t. But I don’t have the guts to try, not right now anyway.

Nice! I like achievements as well, as long as some thought has been put into them and it’s not just “break 1,000 crates for no reason”. Sadly the PC version of Dead Space (at least the Steam version) has no achievements at all, sadface. So I didn’t get the achievement for beating the game with only the plasma cutter, which would have been cool.

Lot of rumors floating around lately about Dead Space and its possible return as … what? New entry? Remaster? Reimagining? Maybe we’ll hear something at the EA Play event later in the month.

This reminds me I should play Dead Space 2. I’ve heard it’s good.

Also, I’m looking at all these screenshots that krok posted in this thread. The game still looks pretty darned good. No need for a remaster.

I am not sure what to think about this.

Did they see the excitement around The Callisto Protocol and think “We want some of that”?

If true, that’s certainly the least interesting thing they could have done.

It may be time for that Dead Space 2 playthrough, eh @Rock8man? Is there a “no spoliarz” thread for DS2 we can ruin? :)

Ooh, I need to play the second one. It’s sitting in my Origin account.

I guess if the original is remastered, hopefully they can do the whole game with full real time ray tracing to do all the lighting and shadows. That would be a lot of work though, like what the Metro Exodus team did.

Hmmm. I can’t get either of the two games (DS 1 or DS 2) to launch on my new machine……… starts to load and then CTD’s to desktop before I see anything on the screen.

Anyone else have this problem - and if so, how did you solve it?

I’m running windows 10 on a laptop with an intel 11900H and 3080; tried various compatibility modes and none work.

The problem I had with Dead Space 2 (and according to the discussion page, it’s a very common one) is it won’t contact the authorization server correctly, and so refuses to launch. Not sure if this is causing your CTD. I got around it by finding, I shit you not, a NOCD .exe that circumvented the CD / DVD check and allowed me to launch the game. Not saying this is the answer to your woes, but it might be related.

And yes, this is Windows 10, latest version. I’m running a much older CPU and GPU than you though.

Thanks @krayzkrok. Very bizarre - not sure I have used CD’s in the last decade! ;-)

I’ll give it a try.

Remake announced

It’s pretty cool that they value this high enough for it to be the “one more thing” teaser at the end of their conference. It kind of shows that they still think (hope?) that it will be super popular again.

That teaser has the look of a game that’s still at least two years out.

I loved one and two, can’t wait.

The trip mines are much harder to use strategically than I would have thought.

You have to place them far away from one another for one thing, otherwise the explosion from one will set off the other, wasting a mine. Secondly, enemies will go around the trip mine, most of them, unless you specifically bait them into going over it. But that requires standing near it, but if you’re near it when it goes off, you die along with the enemy, so you have to stand near it, and then back away. But you can’t back away into another mine you laid down.

Anyway, I stopped overthinking it and just lay down three mines at the start of the battle and switch to the other weapons now. But on the other hand, I still can’t win this battle, so maybe that was not a good strategy after all.

Still fun to try to figure this out though. All these monsters coming at me also drop loot. And I want to pick that up during the battle as well, because I have to leave the room at the end of the fight, so anything I don’t pick up is lost. Maybe I’m being too greedy by trying to pick up the loot as well? Hmmm.

Glad to see that Schofield (one of the original Dead Space creators) is cool with the remake. I guess if you were cynical you might think, well what else was he going to say? But good thing we aren’t cynical around here.