Dead Space (no spoliarz)

They seem to be calling it all kinds of things, but the official word is “remake”, and they’re saying they want to stay true to the original, rebuild it from the ground up, remake all the assets etc. I took that to mean they’d be going in largely the same direction and recreatinng the feel of Dead Space, rather than redesigning core gameplay elements. What I mean is, I hope they don’t try and fix what isn’t broken. But they’re being sufficiently vague about it that I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

One interesting thing is I wonder if they’ll voice Isaac Clarke now in this one. Having him have an actual character in 2 and 3 was definitely the right call, I think.

They’re going to show off a really really early build today apparently. Starts in about 3 hours and 20 minutes on something called twitch.

Confirmed that they are developing the game on the Frostbite engine. I doubt anyone is surprised.

Indeed a very early build is being shown.

Also confirmed, no microtransactions. That aspect of Dead Space 3 can remain an unpleasant memory.

Oh wow, Gunner Wright is returning to voice Isaac! That’s cool.

Wait, I thought Isaac was silent throughout the original Dead Space?

Yes, Isaac was not voiced in the original game, but was played by Gunner Wright in 2 & 3. The developers did point out that Isaac would still be mostly alone in the remake, but that he would interact in discussions and would also speak at times when it would feel weird that he would not. So no Gordon Freeman psycho stare.

It looks like they’ve got the look and overall feel down, and I like what they’re doing with the combat and the flesh / bone layers. Not sure about the zero gravity changes making it more like Dead Space 2. One comment was that the original game was disorienting when you jumped between surfaces early in the game, but I thought that was the point. You brace for the orientation change, and then you hear a necromorph scream, it’s intentionally terrifying. Not saying their approach won’t work of course (because it works fine in DS2), but that seems to miss the point of why it operated that way in the first place.

This reinforces the idea that they’re essentially remaking the first game; it’s the same setting, same assets, same maps (although they say they’ll be doing different things within those maps, and presumably there will be new areas). I’m still not sure how I feel about it really, but maybe that’s because I’ve played through it several times and would prefer something new. Heck, they could even have remade Dead Space 3 by pretending it didn’t happen and go in a more traditionally Dead Space direction! Caveat: I didn’t watch the whole thing, maybe they said something about all this and I missed it.

Quoting myself to point out that what I said here was not entirely correct. It turns out that Gunner Wright did in fact voice Isaac Clarke in the first Dead Space. But Isaac Clarke had no lines, you might be saying - true, but he did grunt and gasp and make various pained sounds, which were done by the same actor in all three games.

“Dead Space is a sci-fi horror survival game that was once a crown jewel of EA’s properties…”

EA was immediately disappointed in Dead Space for not hitting the Resident Evil sales figures that they wanted, which is why the series got pulled in weird Uncharted and Left 4 Dead directions in its sequels. EA leadership had insane targets at this time – this came out the same year they were expecting God of War sales from a game based on Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Loosely based. But yes.

Warning: Person playing kind of sucks and waste a lot of ammo.

A part of me thinks the first game isn’t that old and doesn’t really need a remake.

Part of me agrees with you. Another larger part goes, Hooray, the IP isn’t totally dead!

Hate to break it to you but it’s almost 14 years old.

Sure, but the remastered footage still looks like how Dead Space looks in my memory. I’m sure it’s way higher resolution but if you played me that video and told me it was the original I would believe you.

It’s way higher resolution.

But that’s definitely the feeling a remake ought to evoke, IMO.