Deadliest Catch Season 6

Anyone else looking forward to watching this when it starts on Tuesday? I know I am always looking forward to the new season, although this one will be strange knowing that Captain Phil is deceased and watching him during the part of the season he was there.

Has anyone heard how they are going to handle it on the show, if at all?

This show is one I enjoy and somehow always miss it. I guess I do not watch enough other stuff on Discovery to remind me. Even though they show basically the same stuff each Season, it is still fascinating.

He had his stroke during Opilio season so the first part should be as normal. I cant see them not handling it on screen in some way. Death and the danger of what they do out there is a constant theme of the show. He almost died on the show a couple years ago and they devoted a lot of time to it on camera.

Yeah, I remember that one. Was it the end of that one or the next one when the doctors made him stay home. It was hard just watching him stare out across the water. I think the first mate took over and he sucked.

— Alan

Thanks for the link Alan. You would think you would get used to their crazy work ethic and eventually understand how and why they do it…outside of the big pay day. And yet, it still amazes and baffles me each time I watch.

Kind of feel like Jonathan over-reacted a bit, then really dumbly shoved Keith–even more dumb considering they were standing in a rusted out hulk (and Keith landed on some metal sheets or whatever). Right before that happened it almost sounded like he was yelling that Keith had almost killed his brother Monte, which I suppose he had but that really didn’t help much. They barely showed any of the Time Bandit after that.

— Alan

You kind of get the feeling that a lot of the other crews and skippers aren’t real fond of Kieth to begin with, and I imagine that played some into Jonathan’s immediate reaction. What was that shit about him almost killing his brother, though?

Last crab season Keith had his crew try to cover the crab pots on deck with a tarp during bad weather. A big wave hit the ship and injured most of his crew including Keiths brother Monte who ended up with a bunch of cracked ribs. It could have been a lot worse, but they were lucky noone was hurt far worse. It was a BS move for Jonathan to throw that in his face like that. I can understand him being upset if its true Keith was trying to steal crew from his boat, but I also agree it was an overreaction. But this isnt the first time another captain has had issues with Keith, last season he and Phil had words over Keith fishing too close to his crab pots.

Yeah, true (about the pots). At the beginning of the episode I think it was Andy who mentioned that Keith had tried talking “Scottie”, who is Andy’s son, into coming over to the Wizard. I can’t believe he would do that–asking a captain’s son to move to another boat? That goes way beyond the pale. No one would outwardly do that. Now maybe Keith in a bar setting might have said a joke or mention in passing jokingly, that’s a LOT different. Scottie does seem like a bit of a brat, as does Jake Harris, though.

— Alan

Well looks like next week they start showing everything involved with the death of Capt Phil. Also if people didnt see this weeks show I would recommend watching it. Lots of shocking stuff going on that I didnt expect to see.

Yeah I was going to say I find the episodes as they go on a bit more disturbing when it gets to Phil, and this week’s was just… wow. And then what happens at the tail end is just so unexpected.

Watching a bit of After the Catch, it does looks like Keith and the Hillstrands have made up, or at least can be civil around one another. It didn’t look like Keith really wanted to talk about it at all, however, and neither did the others. Jonathan said that other stuff had been brewing off-camera (or maybe they just didn’t show it) as well but yeah despite Mike Rowe’s half-attempts to get them to explain themselves they really didn’t.

Though were all laughing about Keith screaming “sucker punch!” when that didn’t happen, and Jonathan was saying, “I was trying to get you to hit me!” which was pretty funny.

— Alan

I was floored at the end of this week’s episode. During the episode I told my wife there was something wrong with Jake, and the ending proved my suspicions. I feel terrible for the family given what happened to Phil and now this all comes to light on national TV. I also feel really bad for Northwestern Jake, who is a good guy going through a really hard time. Didn’t he just lose a sister last year? And now his dad is “missing”, and his hand is messed up so he may not even be able to work? Jeez.

I love that those guys were down in New Orleans. I’m heading there soon myself, and just missed them. It would have been awesome to run into the Hillstrand brothers on Bourbon Street (I bet they didn’t pay for a beer the whole time!) or see Sig wandering around.

I’ll be sitting here in my manly room, on my manly couch, watching After the Catch tonight on my manly flatscreen. Crying like a little girl most likely. Feel free to join me.

EDIT: Cool, I was wrong, it’s just a sit around the table telling Phil stories thing, I thought it was going to be a heavily edited tearjerker episode. Good job Discovery.

Props to Discovery for handling everything in the latter half of the season very well. I was a bit concerned after seeing the Keith vs. Jonathan stuff at the start of the season that this was gonna slide into melodrama hell, but it didn’t. Lord knows they had the material to do so - Northwestern Jake’s dad, Jake Harris’ addiction, and of course Phil’s death.

I think my favorite moment from this season was when Phil was looking through all the photos of the boys, and then they joined him in reminiscing. This just hours after Jake’s admission, and hours before Phil’s stroke.

Next week could be tearjerker time, with seeing everyone’s “live” reactions to the news, and then a Phil retrospective following the regular episode.

In case no one had really heard what’s been going on the last week or so:

Production on season 7 of Deadliest Catch is expected to begin next week in Alaska’s Dutch Harbor despite the news that stars Sig Hansen and Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand have left the show because of a legal dispute. Discovery sued the Hillstrands for failing to finish work on a Catch spin-off; the brothers countersued that the lawsuit would force them to sell their boats, so they quit the show. (Though he wasn’t involved in the lawsuit, Hansen backed the Hillstrands and left too.) The network isn’t commenting, but there may be an 11th hour attempt to woo the captains back. Until then, Catch will still follow boats The Wizard, The Kodiak, and the sons of the late Phil Harris who will continue on the Cornelia Marie. The show may find replacements for the Hillstrands’ Time Bandit and Hansen’s Northwestern.

— Alan

I read that last week and was bummed. I think the spin-off was going to be called “Hillstranded”. That is enough to want to avoid it. I was already sick of the new guy from last year. The gray haired dude that did touristy fishing trips for several years before coming back to Crab fishing.

Kenny Rogers? He was cool enough. I liked watching him try to deal with disaster after disaster.

I didn’t mind him at all, though the Hillstrands were certainly starting to annoy me, Jonathan the most.

— Alan

I can’t say that I’ll miss the Hillstrands. But Sig, he’s my fave!