Deadly Creatures (Wii)

This was not on my radar, but after watching this motion capture video, I am amused, and intrigued.

That and the IGN video review have grabbed me as well. Vaguely reminiscent of Bad Mojo (especially when the spider explores human habitats) although obviously a totally different type of game.

Yeah, this game looks cool. It’s by Rainbow Studios too. They’ve done some solid work throughout the last ten years.

There was a preview about it in Nintendo Power a few months ago, the game looked interesting, is anyone going to take a chance and pick it up?

Here’s a great interview on how the project was literally dreamed up at Rainbow Studios and then pitched to THQ.

First game that would make me consider buying a Wii sometimes in the future.

That IGN review sounds pretty cool (especially the video review)!

I picked this up yesterday, as the concept was fascinating.

Overall, I’m very impressed. It’s by far one of the best looking Wii games I’ve played, with great art direction, overall production values and polish. The mechanics of the tarantula and scorpion are great, with lots of crazy wall climbing and fun combat moves. My only complaint is sometimes it relies a bit too heavily on arbitrary Wii waggle (press A, then swing the wiimote up to do a power hit, stuff like that). Otherwise, the combat is fun and can be a little challenging. It’s no Ninja Gaiden, but it gets the job done.

The biggest draw is the setting. You are a spider. The world around you is the alien world of the miniature, and coupled with the dev team’s obvious love of their subject matter, the entire game is made by the feeling of “being there”. Lots of creepy crawly lower and higher insects to fight or feed on… lizards, snakes and other spiders and scorpions to fight with.

There is even a very well done “human interaction” in the world, with two outlaws walking around above you looking for some kind of grave (voiced by Billy Bob Thorton and Dennis Hopper (???)). They’ll be walking above you in certain sections, causing lots of dust and sand to become displaced, and often have other interesting interactions with your world.

I’m really into the game. It’s very original, and it captures exactly what it set out to accomplish in almost every way.

And with voice acting by Dennis Hopper how could you go wrong?

The game is getting very mixed reviews. I might rent instead of buying.

Are you seriously going to let one guy decide if you play it or not?

It’s not the score I’m looking at Dave. In fact, most of my favorite games are not universally loved, but get mixed reviews instead. But when you read things like:

… it gives you pause when trying to decide whether to buy or rent first.

Another highly critical review over at Eurogamer. This time, Dave, I promise I didn’t use metacritic to find the review. Does that make it more legit I wonder?

I would like to also say he said rent instead of buy.

So he would still be playing the game.

Also Crispy Gamer says Fry It.