Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

Announced for Nintendo Switch for now. No word on other versions.

Wow, hopefully this time they can make the gameplay not be total ass. I liked the tone of the old one, but those shooting sections were yech

Biggest surprise for me, loved the first game.

Anyone else playing this yet?

I’m maybe two hours in and… I’m starting to get the impression that Swery might have seen True Detective. It’s definitely Deadly Premonitions, for good and for bad.

My main complaints so far are 1) you can’t invert v-look, and 2) the frame rates when out in the world are terrrrrriiiiibbbllle. Like, single-digits.

I stumbled on this review yesterday, and the guy sounds like he wants to love it more than he actually does. I played some of the original, but the jank and the just awful, awful combat were too much for me to overcome, and I never did get to the marrow in the middle of those tough, tough bones so many insist is there, so judging by this I will likely never play this one.

Odds are this one got a better translation — the praise most of the previous one is getting (that seems to have splashed over all of what Swery did afterward) is because of the incredibly inaccurate translation and the unlikely obscurity and mystery it generated out of a really quite turpid Japanese script.
Hence why nobody likes ironically this new one as much.

Yeah, I don’t think I’d recommend this to anyone who hasn’t played (or at least watched) the first one through in its entirety, and enjoyed what they found.

I’m having a lot of fun so far, though. It’s great in the ways that I hoped, and terrible in ways that I expected and can tolerate.

To note: the Switch port of the first game got an update at the release of the second one. I fired it up and experienced extremely chuggy framerates, which seemed to be linked with the rendering of trees as far as sight can see.
To sum it up: a new patch made the previous game perform worse than before. It’s like a gift those programmers got, at this point.

It’s all part of The Experience™.