Deadpool 2 - What do you get on International Chimichanga Day?

Man, May is gonna be a super busy month!

Blink and you miss the shot, but Terry Crews is in this, and so is some character wearing one of those Shatterstar style masks Liefeld drew on just about everyone. Are we seeing the debut of some version of X-Force, or one of those other teams I can’t remember?

Yes -

If by “yes” you mean “someone else is also wondering the same thing”, then yes.

Whoops, not the best link (mobile, didn’t read it well enough) -

There are various other stories, more or less confirming that Deadpool 2 does lead directly to X-Force.

I don’t want to get too excited and be disappointed but… this still looks really good.

Oh yes, that looks fantastic. I hated the trailers for the first movie but SUPERMEGALOVED the actual movie, so I hope the inverse doesn’t happen here.

“Hugs, not drugs.”


That Trailer is gold. Pure gold.

Jesus. T.J. Miller has gone from comedic genius to train wreck in pretty much record time. What an asshole.

Final trailer.

Oh my God, if Peter dies I’ll be pissed.

Prepare to be pissed I think.

I really like that trailer.

You and me both pal.



He won’t, but I hope he doesn’t save the day in a corney way, either.

I like the last trailer, but Shatterstar underwhelmed. I will remain hopeful.