Deadpool pulled from Steam

Not a big loss, but the recent Deadpool game from Activision has been pulled from the Steam store.

I bought and liked it.

Huh. Any idea why?

Marvel strikes again?

Removed from PSN and Xbox Live as well.

Marvel likes to claw back games licenses within 1-2 years. I complained about this in the Marvel Heroes thread.

Yeah, and I thought you were exaggerating… Jesus, this game is about 6 months old, isn’t it?

Aw man, I nearly bought it at $10, too. Just tell me it sucks so I don’t feel too bad.

Activision’s good Wolverine game, X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance are no longer sold anywhere digitally either.

It was even offered as one of the last community choice sale votes… Odd.

Just saw this on reddit. Gamefly apparently still has it, $8 with a coupon code:

Why would clawing back licenses affect games that are already completed? Surely it would only affect future games?

Tell that to the Fallout series which vanished from GOG today when Interplay defaulted on their right to sell the classic titles (the right’s moved to Bethesda now, whose plans for the old games are still unknown).

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is also being delisted from consoles.

So, since we don’t actually have a thread on the game, I have to say after playing for a while I don’t get why this game got such mediocre reviews. Particularly since there seemed to be a number of them to the effect of “The game is middling, but if you like the humor of the comic book then they did a good job with that.” I’ll definitely say that they did a good job with the humor; can’t think of any games in recent times where I’ve actually chuckled or outright laughed at set pieces within the game as much as this one.

But more to the point, there were multiple points when I found myself thinking “Alright, I see the point they were trying to make. If this game just keeps throwing wave after wave of bad guy at me that’s easily defeatable, it’s going to get rather stale…” suddenly I’m in a static shooting gallery game, or I’m in a 2D platformer. The variety is rather refreshing and the game segments that are other than God of War clone are solidly constructed.

Too bad you can’t buy it any longer; It’s something that I’d probably recommend for anyone who’s okay with the comic humor portion. (It is sophomoric, but with an omnipresent wink to the audience which helps go a long way in redeeming it to my eyes.)

Of course, it may also be that I just have no taste. And it’s definitely no “Devil May Cry” with ridiculous combo strings necessary to advance. So if all the reviewers are uber-gamers who cut their teeth on DMC progression perhaps the more button-mashy combat was the complaint. But still, I’d say it’s worth a pick-up cheap at your local disc-based purveyor for a console of your choice if you were at all interested, before all copies go the way of the dodo.

Seems to be gone now. Funny, I had no wish to play this before, but now that I can’t I really want to.

Yeah, all the digital licenses have been yanked. You’d need to find it on disc or some place which can still somehow sell it/still has licenses.

I’m pretty glad I picked it up. It may be the only game I finish this year. (That says more about me and how easily distracted I am from games than the quality of the game, per se. Though I’ve enjoyed it up to now, to be sure.)

A former dev at High Moon Studios talked about the development.

We had a couple of weeks were we crunched pretty aggressively on Deadpool. Having Activision cut and cut and CUT just took its toll on so many of us. For a studio to demand that we do mandatory overtime for a project, and then keep cutting so much time and money from it was ridiculous. At about halfway into development we were told that we weren’t even aiming very high in terms of score.

Can you imagine working on a game where your higher ups say “yeah we’re shooting for a 64 or lower” and then have them give you mandatory overtime?

Fortunately enough, Steam maintain the policy of “if you have bought it, is yours”. Amazon has deleted people stuff before, so is not a universal policy.

I am wrong.

Maybe I am not wrong. I am confused now.

Actually, Steam recently deleted Ashes Cricket 2013 from people’s accounts and refunded their money, regardless of whether they wanted to keep it or not because the developer and publisher asked Steam to do it.

Welcome to the world of removed games.

Yeah, try the 1990’s and 2000’s. The golden decades. Deadpool was removed from all places. (Amazon, etc…) You know the only place you can now get it from? The “scene”. Irony at it’s best.

Deadpool has/had no retail version for PC. …you know… just what all you wanted. Remember those threads and discussions some years back, were ya’ll couldn’t wait for discs to die? You got it!
…and just you wait… this is only the beginning. I’m crying and laughing at the same time. It’s wonderful.

PS: Fuck PC gaming! Real PC gaming, R.I.P. 2007