Deadpool & Wolverine - I'm Marvel Jesus

You mean the opposite, I think, that all that gets added into the character in the movies.

Interesting, this trailer seems to be for the Asian market and “Pegging” was replace with “An R-Rated Movie.”

Mr. Darcy!! hahah I can’t wait to watch this movie.

Ah. When I first watched the trailer I just assumed trailer Wade was meant to be a variant of “our” Deadpool, because 1) the premise seems to be him working for the TVA, which doesn’t seem much like our Deadpool, 2) if he does work for the TVA, then the plot would likely be him taking down the Foxverse to preserve the sacred MCU timeline , which doesn’t seem like either a satisfying sendoff for the Foxverse/Hugh Jackman Logan or something our Deadpool would want to do (The Foxverse is where he keeps all his stuff. Also, wouldn’t no Foxverse mean no Vanessa?) and most crucially 3) he’s got a dorky toupee. I would assume our Deadpool would have one that is better made, or is more flamboyant, or both.

But you know what they say about assumptions, and watching the trailer a couple more times, there’s nothing in it really pointing to trailer Wade being a variant. While I still hold by the “I don’t think this movie is gonna be about our Deadpool being a TVA collaborator in destroying the Foxverse” part, it’s perfectly possible that what happens is that the TVA tries to recruit him at the start. But then he turns against them early on, recruiting Logan to help in the process.

The dorky toupee remains a mystery.

No longer merely hinted, as of The Marvels.

Gotcha, that makes sense.

Also to your last point, I don’t think the epilogue in The Marvels told us anything Multiverse of Madness hadn’t already suggested: there are other universes where the X-Men exist (and are played by the same actors as the Fox films) but I don’t think they’ve explicitly said any of these other glimpses are from the universe the Fox films exist in. Hasn’t ruled it out either, just not definitely confirmed it.

Unrelated, I wonder if we’re seeing some of “the void” from season one of Loki (the place, not the character related to Sentry from the comics) when we see the ruins of the Fox Studios logo around 1:38. Because that definitely looks like a TVA soldier getting eaten by Alioth at 1:44.

Even within those films, you have different timelines with different actors playing the same characters, so it’s not like the MCU’s multiverse brings any revelations in that regard.

If Deadpool kills Alioth, best movie ever (as a fellow Marvel Snap player you know exactly why I mean that)

Deadpool is going to shoot Kang in the head and reset the MCU. He’s going to make a joke about legal problems as he does it. That’s my prediction.

Man, I would LOVE this.

That would kind of be the best possible solution, wouldn’t it?


(But I’m an unapologetic Alioth player)