Deadwood - Season Three

Good news and bad news…

Good news - next season starts in June.

Bad news -

— Alan

Well, shit.

Cocksucking shit.

I hope they use this opportunity to really pull out all the stops and make an excellent season three, and avoid the step backward that was season 2.

Unfortunately that won’t be the case. Season 3 has been wrapped for quite a while and HBO announced that they were renewing the show for Season 4 early in production of S3 so Milch made no effort to wrap things up. Now that HBO has reversed the renewal, the result is likely going to be a S3 that leaves everything hanging.

Hmm… odd. I liked second season much more than the first.

So is that what really happened? The HBO boards and your post seem to say that the recent HBO thing was just spin and that they really screwed over Milch. The HBO release makes it seem like Milch was just moving on.

— Alan

What the hell?

Supposedly HBO offered Milch either a two hour movie or an abbreviated six episode season to tie things up but Milch has refused. Sounds to me like he’s probably pissed- I would think most creators of shows that died without resolution would jump at the opportunity to be able to provide some sense of closure.

And yet the article suggests that his next project is also for HBO? Or is that the spin part?