Well, yes they are historical figures, sometimes which essentially means, someone named this was here at this point in time. Apparently very little is known about Swearengen, but since the Gem was the source of a highly quotable amount of revenue per day ($20k) a writer could interpret that as meaning that Swearengen earned a lot of money, probably not all legitimately, and as this income was a sole concern, everything he did was to help solidify and protect it.

The fact that he (slight historical spoiler) apparently died a pauper is interesting in of itself. Where did all the money go?

— Alan





Christ! Is that a muskrat under his nose?


As posted on Blue’s News:

— Alan


Correction for a earlier mis-statement… the Gem was recorded to having made up to $5000 a day, not $20k as I wrote before.

— Alan


Question: How did they make so much?
Answer: The Tit-Licker


Actually, $5-10K, according to the website of some museum in the county where Deadwood is located. Amazing that the guy died broke. And while trying to hop on a train. Long way down from his “current” position. I hope the show goes on long enough to show at least some of the historical sweep with regard to where the characters wind up. Er, as long as they keep moving the plot along like they did in that last, fantastic episode. Watched it again the other night and am even more impressed. What an incredible episode that was. Again, if McShane doesn’t get an Emmy nomination and win for that, there’s something wrong.


Such a great bit of dialogue from Seth as he stands over Alma’s beaten father, I must preserve it here:

Alright. Leave this camp, and draw a map for anyone who wants to believe your fuckin’ lies, anyone wants to put your daughter or her holdings in jeopardy, you show 'em how to get here … and you tell 'em I’ll be waiting.


McShane was great in the last episode but I think he clinched an Emmy with the one before it (the one you didn’t like). He played progressively drunk, really well. The scene on the balcony when he looks at the preacher is a real mix of revulsion, anger, and pity that sets up what he does in the final episode. The way his face falls when Bullock lets slip what Trixie is doing with Saul that very moment speaks volumes about how he really feels about her. The scene where he relents and lets that guy appoint his friend Sherriff. The scene when he demands payment from Saul (“A fuck is $5. Up the ass, is $7”). And finally, that monologue about his childhood at the end. Incredible range for a single episode.


Pretty much any scene with Bullock and Swearengen conversing is classic.

— Alan


Great, great dialogue. I want this series to stay around for a long time just for bits like that.



Great, great dialogue. I want this series to stay around for a long time just for bits like that.[/quote]

Very similiar to the scene in Unforgiven in terms of intensity.


So… what’s all this about TV being a vast wasteland?

Deadwood is excellent.


Deadwood IS excellent.

But it’s not TV. It’s HBO. ;)

Fox keeps coming up with great shows, but then cancelling them (e.g. Firefly, Wonderfalls, Andy Richter…)

Other than the tragic Fox experiments, I wish it was a vast wasteland. Instead it’s chock full o’ “Reality TV” in all of its inanity.

I’ve been contemplating the Deadwood finale again and I can’t wait for Bullock’s wife and child to arrive. That’s going to cause quite a ruckus, I can tell already!



I don’t care about Firefly, but the other two were both shows I enjoyed. All I ask is for Fox to leave a show on for one full season, playing the same night/time every week. And promote the hell out of them the whole time. It can’t be cheap to develop new shows, I’m amazed they don’t try a little harder with the ones they already have. NBC has done the same day switching thing with Scrubs, but thankfully it seems to have survived.


Just a reminder, Season 2 of Deadwood starts this Sunday.


Shit! I have to re-watch the first season quicker on On-Demand.


If you get HBO2 (and I assume you do, if you’ve got HBO OnDemand), they’re re-running all 12 episodes from 8-11 Wednesday-Saturday this week.


Thankn dan. I had the finale TiVo’d last season and my HD died. Have been waiting for a re-run since then.