Jeffrey Jones was a registered sex offender before Deadwood ever aired though, so maybe they’ll bring him back again.

I do think they might have waited a bit too long for this. My favorite characters are portrayed by people probably in their 70s now.


How come none of you fuckin’ cocksuckers told me that the reverend in this show was the writer and director of the utterly amazing Rectify?



Deadwood without the terrifying menace of its Darth Vader is not something I can look forward to, sadly.


I always thought of Gerald McRaney as the big bad in Deadwood, but it’s been awhile since I seen it.


I don’t recall if I ever watched all of Deadwood – I only remember bits and pieces. Anyway, I went through all three seasons in order, and the ending is … interesting. Throughout the whole season, they’re clearly setting the stage for this big gunfight between the warring factions of Hearst and Bullock / Swearengen. The camera pans to the Chinese grabbing a bunch of guns, the Pinkertons are already in town roughing everyone up and nerves are raw… that’s exactly what you’d expect from a western finale, right? And then … presto, via deft machinations and behind the scenes negotiations, they manage to avoid it!

At first I was nonplussed: that’s the end of the series? No climactic deaths? No cold, steely eyed gunfighters taking the measure of each other, pistols blazing? No street fighting and gutting people with knives? Hearst just … slowly rides out of town while people glare at him?

I suppose the lesson is that this is how the west was really won – when people finally stopped killing each other en masse, and let politics and law take hold to resolve conflicts, even when the ending wasn’t exactly happy for any of them, and it involved painful (but not deadly!) compromise. That’s how they lived on to settle the area.

(This also makes the weird interlude with the talent show make more sense, as well as the elections, and the school for the kids. Further signs of civilization creeping in.)


No spoilers, but an amazing mini-reunion (well, if two characters is a reunion) in Santa Clarita Diet season 2. I was fucking dying.



Not going to believe it until there’s an official announcement.




Still not falling for it. There are a million ways something like this falls apart and on,y like 5 where it doesn’t.


They’ll tackle season 4 in a non-linear fashion, dedicating each episode to an individual main character following their own unintegrated story arc through the season, with little to no actual interaction between cast-members aside from brief cameos.


It’s on!


OK, this is freaking miraculously awesome. Ian McShane + David Milch = Profane Shakespeare.

No Powers Booth saddens me, however. He will be missed.


I’m a little worried about catching lightning in a bottle again, but this show has earned some faith. Man, I loved this show. It’s hard to pick a favorite character but I’ve got to go with Calamity Jane, she’s one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever seen. Hilarious too.



Finally its official!



Brown also revealed that filming will start October 5th, and Bloys was hopeful at the press tour that the movie might come out in the spring of 2019.



So it looks like the movie is actually, finally, happening. Like it started filming.


Optimism growing, but I still refuse to believe it!


The Deadwood movie will air in 2019, along with the return of Game of Thrones and the return of Veep for final seasons, and the premiere of HBO’s first superhero drama, Watchmen .

Jeez, looks like I’ll be moving my Hulu funds over the an HBO Go account at some point in the next year.