Deal Alert: Tower Record has 25% off games on-line(including Gears, Lost Planet, etc)

Find your poison here:

Not a bad deal, only thing I noticed was that alot of the games that have already been discounted at other outlets are still full price . Still I might have to pick up Shadow of the Colussus for $14.

RIP Tower Records.

For those that don’t know, Tower Records went bankrupt a year ago or so, and was handed over to liquidators. If you still have a Tower records in your area, you can expect to find similar deals or better on everything in stock (I was buying CDs for 50%-70% off). Alas, the Tower in my area is now closed.

I imagine this sale will go on as long as it takes to really clear out the rest of the liquidated stock.

EDIT: Oops, looks like this is a 4 day only sale according to their front page. But, this is probably the last of everything they have.

Burning Crusade for $29.99…

I see the UK site has a sitewide sale with 3 days left. Guess it’s worldwide.

Tax + shipping really kill this for the lower priced games.

Lost Planet also ends up being only $5 cheaper than if I went to Best Buy and used a GGC with $5 off to purchase it in person.