Deal or No Deal

How is this not the most entertaining, edge-of-the-chair, exciting game show on television, evar?

Is this a trick question?

It’s the perfect show for Tivo. You can watch the “good parts” in about 10 minutes.

I watched this show once, reluctantly, and my summation was this: “It’s like an exercise in disempowerment.”

You are all dummy heads.

Because it put Noel edmonds back on TV?

what, when they zoom in on the girls?

Agreed. It’s an amazing parallel to the civil case settlement process, where a party balances a known quantity against an uncertain outcome.

But that said, the show is drowning in bullshit time wasters.

It’s kind of interesting to note the differences between the UK and US versions of the show. The UK version is very lo-fi, taking place in a small, intimate, sparsely-decorated studio (bare floorboards, etc), with an old-fashioned rotary-dial phone for the banker. There are no annoying family members shouting from the sidelines, and no crazy prize gimmicks like carting a pony out from backstage. The mystery briefcases are opened by other potential contestants while they wait to be called for their turn in the hotseat, Price is Right-style. It being a British show, the banker is a lot more rude and insulting. And it’s only 30 minutes long, so everything is quite zippy.

Compare that to the NBC version, which is typical over-the-top American bombast. It’s not that I don’t like the models (mmmm, Maylinda), but they typify the American instinct to take what is an extremely simple concept and jazz it up beyond all reason. I think the game actually works better when you pare it down, not inflate it with all the flashy gimmicks. And certainly not when you make it run a whole hour.