Deal time, Getting greedy for Hardware

I’m getting a little greedy for some hardware, and with black friday deals and all that cropping up it’s a good time for some selfishness. Post some deals!

I spotted this Acer AL2002wsd 20" monitor on for $170 !

That’s enticing. I’m already using an acer LCD monitor (which I’m happy with), but it’s 1280x1024, and I’ve been regretting not having widescreen. Also, picking this up would enable some dual screen action, which I’m told is completely awesome, but I haven’t experienced yet.

Here’s the link:

All I really care about is that it’s not a TN monitor, and that everything looks decent on the screen. Any horror stories or big reasons I should avoid this one? Also, post more hardware deals!

Good Find.

Anyone have any experience with this monitor?

I did more looking and found a 22" for $170 after MIR:

It seems to be in store only atm, but it’s in stock near me. The monitor got decent feedback at newegg (the big caveats appear to be a bit of difficulty adjusting it’s colors, and slight back light bleed through). And Cnet gave it good marks for it’s price:

Still browsing, and questioning whether I should just save $170 and sit on my current monitor.