Dean Essig podcast and the cancer campaign

Hey all,

For those of you who listen to Three Moves Ahead, I did a show with Dean Essig, founder of The Gamers, a long-running publisher of hardcore board wargames (and some very, very good ones). Today I learned that his wife, Sara, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and that a friend of theirs has started a GoFundMe campaign for their medical bills.

The podcast with Dean is here:

The GoFundMe page is here:

I did the podcast at least a month ago so I assume it was prior to her diagnosis. In any case we don’t discuss it on the podcast. I know there are some people here who appreciate these games and may recognize Dean so I wanted to post this.

I did listen to this and will donate. I’ve lost two of those close to me to PC. Dean’s a very amazing man.