"Dean is Angry!" - invented by the press?


and a companion piece, a funny clip from the Daily Show.


No second hand account of evil southern truckers, no blog entry about a minor Tennesee TV stations poor news coverage, no no! The XPav, Official Forum Smacktard link of the day is about the DC media’s coverage of Howard Dean and the origin and evolution of the “Dean sure is angry” idea.

Responses on this piece in this thread will include:

  • Goddamn it, I don’t want to sit through an ad to read this
  • Salon is a liberal dishrag, so nothing they say can be trusted
  • Xpav, you are such an annoying douchebag
  • Yeah, duh, your stupid for not realizing the media is stupid
  • That clip you posted is RealMedia, which sucks, and so do you
  • Dean really is angry!

Xpav, I applaud your continued journalistic efforts! 8)

So…that wasn’t Dean getting angry at the last debate when the Reverend Al called him out on his statements that he had plenty of minorities working in the Vermont State House when he was governor? Dean’s head looked like it was going to explode.

Why, he was looking presidential.