Dear marketers:

Please revise “18-34” to read “18-41.”

Those of us who grew up on Commodore 64, Atari 800, Apple II, Atari, Intellivision, and Colecovision games are now hitting our 40s and we’re big game geeks.

So screw this “-34” and “-35” crap that I hear marketing people throwing around. Us fogeys are hardcore gamers too.

Thank you.

obligatory bill hicks reference

Sony: “Sorry, you’re dead to us old timer. We only market to the young, hip and affluent. We might have considered your suggestion but you recently showed us that you’re concerned about children, confirming that you are too old for video games. Might we suggest a collection of hentai on Blu-ray instead?”

Don’t despair, at 35+ you’re still allowed to wield the Nintendo DS Browser.


Although I sometimes wonder if I’m not sneaking by on a technicality on that one. It doesn’t say “marketing” on my business cards, but I do a lot of salesmanship regardless.


Hey man, I’m 32 and I grew up on all of the plaforms you listed. Don’t be such an agist.

I’m 37 and when I die I want my ashes to be placed in some video game console case.

Don’t worry, when you are 41+ you become a “heritage-” gamer and are eligible for senior discounts on classic games like Galaga.

You will also save more and more money buy skipping retreads of stuff you’ve already played.

(I’m 44.)

The problem isn’t that we don’t spend money, but that we’re resistant to marketing. We’ve been innudated and immunized over time. It just doesn’t work that well on us. Our buying habits are already formed.

Youngsters like you can go to hell with your flippant 18-41 suggestions. :-)

I resent the implication that everyone who used those systems are now in their 40s (or even 30s). I just turned 21, and I was using a Commodore 64 and an Amstrad CPC in my early years.

I’m starting to think I’m too young for this forum…


I remember Richard Nixon’s first term…as vice president.

I’m 55 and, yes, it does get old having marketers act as if any interest I may have had in games ended two decades ago.

Well, these days, I don’t like the amount of attention and stereotype I get put on me with regards to the games I obviously like, what with being a male in my twenties. Give it twenty years and I imagine I’ll be feeling the same way as you lot, though.

Still, I’d hate to be around 6 again, and have marketing types assume that the only games I know how to play are Finding Nemo and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I guess every age group has it the worst. It seems the marketing types are just scum.

obligatory Bill Hicks reference


I remember Betamax VCRs!

Sort of.
I remember top-loading VCRs, how’s that?

Funny, but I was watching a rerun of the Andy Griffith show on TVLand the other day and they had a DS ad aimed at the post-50 crowd, that Brain game. The ad showed old people playing and said it improved their memory, etc. I think it was sandwiched between a Levitra ad and an ad for motorized scooters.

Why can’t you old people just accept that you’re not wanted any more?

Eh? Can’t hear you, sonny.

Carousel begins.

My lifeclock is blinking, I must report to Carousel.

Hey, why 41? I’m 42 and I grew up on all that stuff, and I’m now a “node.” I have lots of 18-22 year olds asking me which games are good.