Dear Obama, Pick Edwards. Yours Truly, X


I’ve been hating this notion that Clinton is somehow better than Edwards in any way shape or form for capturing right-leaning voters or is any more appealing to the common man.

Also, McCain is going to look LOLold compared to the two of them, and possibly will be the most telegenic ticket ever for the Democratic party.

Dear Obama,

Pick anyone but Clinton or Richardson.



Well, the current beltway-groupthink is that Obama needs the white, mountain hick vote and only Hillary can deliver it to him. If you accept that statement then it’s no stretch to think that Hillary would be a good choice for the VP slot.

Yeah, given the natural inclinations of the white hick, I think a white male would help more than a white female, so that one is a little confusing.

To the white hick, being part of the tribe is much more important than incidental badges like “white” or “male”. True, a black man is unlikely to ever be accepted as a member of the tribe, but a white woman might be. Whether Hillary is actually accepted by hicks… I have no idea. But it doesn’t seem like such an outlandish idea to me.

Of course, I would recommend not chasing the vote of people who behave exactly like monkeys, but that’s just me. I’m wacky that way.

Did you just say that black people behave exactly like monkeys? Because that’s an incredibly hateful and intolerant thing to say.


p.s. Oh wait, you said it about white people. Perfectly all right, way to stick it to whitey!

I think he said it about closed-minded, xenophobic people.

Intolerant? Huh? I’m perfectly fine with white hicks’ creating a thoroughly fucked up society. To use your language, I’m 100% tolerant of that. I see that you wanted to throw out insults, and “intolerant” is one that seemed to come to your mind, but… words do have meanings. And, well… “intolerant” doesn’t really describe what I posted.

You were right about the hateful thing, though. I’m not a big fan of people abdicating reason and clinging to fearful unreasoned xenophobia. It’s humanity at its worst… and we can do better. We have done better.

p.s. Oh wait, you said it about white people. Perfectly all right, way to stick it to whitey!

Very clever, Mr. Bond. Playing the old “You wouldn’t say that about blacks!!!” card. I’ve never seen that on the Internet before.

Here’s the thing, though. I would quite happily express the same sentiment about blacks if they displayed the same level of irrational xenophobia… although I would choose a different word than “monkey”, since that word already has all sorts of baggage when applied to a black person. When applied to a white person, though, what it connotes is pretty close to what I’m trying to say: people huddled fearfully & angrily among their kinfolk & unwilling to use their heads. I’ve been among the kinfolk, I’ve been outside the kinfolk circle… I am aware of what goes on in them thar parts. It ain’t healthy.

I’ve gotta say, I listened to the last 10 mins of Hillary’s unconcession speech, and she had the crowd eating out of her hand (of course, since it was a Hillary rally). She’ll never again have as much political power as she has this coming week, and I would not be surprised if she came out of this with the VP slot.

And, honestly, it wouldn’t bug me that much. All the nominee needs to do to win the election this year is deliver the Democrat vote. You don’t need the independents, you don’t even need crossover votes - you just need the Democrats to vote for Obama. And putting Hillary on the ticket may be the best way to make that happen.


ABC. Anyone but Clinton.

To put Clinton on the ticket would seriously weaken Obama - not just in an electoral sense, but in the “he’s not his own man” sense. Clinton shouldn’t be allowed to throw her weight around like that.

I thought Bill was a passable president, but his wife’s campaign has tarnished his legacy forever. With this campaign, they truly demonstrated that they are not about the country or the party but about the Clintons alone. I have a feeling HRC is going to make things a lot worse in the days and weeks to come.

I heard some talk tonight that Hillary is going to try to negotiate to “ensure she and her husbands legacy.” Bill’s legacy? I’m sorry, but Obama doesn’t owe Bill anything. Bill’s legacy was fine until he decided to get into this campaign and be Hillary’s hammer. Bill has to live with that.

Obama can’t claim to be about “change” and then invite Hillary, who campaigned largely on her insider experience, to be his running mate.

I think we could all use a bit more Kucinich in our lives… but I doubt that could ever happen.

So long as it helps him win, I don’t care who the VP is. is full of nuts. their current post is ‘when will obama concede?’

I don’t see why anyone cares that much who the vp is. I mean, I do think Hillary comes off as more hungry for power for personal reasons than I like in a politician (not saying Obama doesn’t want power, just that Hillary seems to want to more, and for the wrong reasons). So I don’t like her. I would have been very unhappy to vote for her for president had she been nominated (would have done it though). I don’t love her as the vp, but I don’t see Obama as someone who would get pushed around by her. I don’t see the downside of picking her as vp if she brings in voters (I have no idea if she will or won’t, I trust their pollsters for that). If Hillary hurts the ticket, then I hope she doesn’t make it, but if she doesn’t, then I don’t care that much. Picking vp should be about getting votes, not some principled stand, because frankly, it doesn’t seem to have any real significance.

But I’ll admit I could be wrong on that, and am willing to change my mind if someone can convince me.

Yeah, wow: