Dear Steam, Stop using my bandwidth without permission!

Dear Steam, why do you updates things when you want to unless I tell you not to on a per game basis?

I have news for you Steam: my connection sucks. It cannot take you pounding it while it’s simultaneously being asked to do something else like, say, load a webpage.

So that’s it. I’ve turned you off. You don’t start automatically anymore. Hope you’re happy.

Oh wait, you want to show me cool offers that I would very likely be interested in if I could see them? Gee that’s too bad isn’t it? Maybe next time you won’t steal the bytes while I’m trying to heal a heroic dungeon, hmmm?



Heal a dungeon?

He’s talking about WoW most likely. I’m just not sure why you don’t turn off the news thing in the preferences, Spoofy.

One of my major annoyances with Steam, definitely. It does seem to detect when a game starts running and will pause all downloads, but it doesn’t do it sometimes. Ironically it mostly does it to me when I’m playing games that aren’t even online.

No the news thing I like, it’s the bandwidth hogging I don’t like. They can interrupt me with news all they want :P

And yeah I was talking about WoW :D

I still don’t get why they don’t have a speed limit somewhere that you can adjust.

If you launched Wow via Steam (adding a non-Steam game shortcut), it’d stop downloading while you were playing.

This is all it would take:

Just some notification that there’s an update available (in your games list), and a button to initiate the stupid update.

There is an option to turn off the auto-update thingo per game as well. It’s a pain you can’t set it for everything and have to individually turn it off after a game has been installed but it’s an option.

You did read the first sentence of the original post, yes?

Yeah that’s… I mean… some people have like 100+ games.

And Steam has a nasty way of randomly over-riding your per-game no-update request too! Steam did this on both Civ V and Fallout New Vegas torching some of my customized mods. This was a big reason I liked Impulse more than Steam for my heavily modded games.

No, that’s against my religion ( And I have the dumb today ).