Death Jr. for PSP

You dont need wirless to update anything, but there isnt really any reason to update at the moment.

Plus, the air hockey 2 player homebrew (on one psp) game RULES. Turns the thing into a teeny tiny airhockey table.

oh yeah, I suppose I could just usb into it. DAMN MY EYES

You dont need wirless to update anything, but there isnt really any reason to update at the moment.

Plus, the air hockey 2 player homebrew (on one psp) game RULES. Turns the thing into a teeny tiny airhockey table.[/quote]

And where would one look for such a beast? I like air hockey, and I like homebrew.,0,0,1,12

Hardly surprising. From the first descriptions and screenshots it looked like a fairly run-of-the-mill platformer/action title with better-than-average art design. I may pick it up if it drops in price later.

Which is a shame, because I liked what I read of Whitta’s comic.

From what he told me at Comicon, I gathered that Gary didn’t write any of the game’s story or script. Sounds like they should have asked him to at least do a punch-up on it, since the comic series is actually strikingly clever. If they made a follow-up starring Pandora, I’d buy that (comic or game).

A few hours more into the game: pretty much standard mascot-shooter game, with platform elements; think Jak and Daxter, lite.

The camera gets more annoying the more you play, especially considering how often the game likes to send hordes of enemies at you from all sides, and it’s a tremendous pain just to turn around and recenter the camera to look behind you - DJ has a natural tendency to strafe rather than turn, initially, which makes turning to face enemies just to get a lock-on much more frustrating than it has any right to be. They really should’ve just used the shoulder-buttons to manually pan the camera, and to replace the manual strafe currently assigned to the Right Shoulder, bind that to a regular button that locks onto the enemy and initiates strafing at the same time.

As is, I end up doing these elaborate jump-dodge-strafe strings to corrale (sp?) all my enemies in front of me so that I can safely strafe and target lock and shoot them repeatedly. Unfortunately, enough of these battles happen on small platforms or ledges, high above lava or toxic waste or what-have-you, that this tactic becomes unfeasible at best.

The action does get nicely frantic, and is quite fun, when you have the room to maneuver; you get into this state where you’re jumping and dodging and strafing and switching weapons and looking for ammo and hurling C4 Hamsters willy-nilly, and it’s just a blast.

Some of the weapons, like the Shotgun, are fairly useless, though, as it sprays at any range beyond point-blank, and each individual pellet has the killing power of an anemic gnat. It has a good knockback effect when you shoot an enemy point-blank with it, but more often than not if the enemy gets that close to you, you’re going to be the one rocked backwards with a hit. Besides, at point-blank range, your Scythe should be the weapon of choice.

Speaking of the Scythe, I like the various moves available that incorporate its use, such as slow-falling by spinning it, or hooking ledges with it to pull yourself up, or “bouncing” off it to re-jump before you hit the ground, or using it to slide down zip-lines or pendulum-swing across ceiling hooks. Unfortunately, 90% of the combat in the game will involve your ranged weapons, as it’s too easy to get killed by the swarms thrown at you if you choose to engage in melee range. They really should’ve powered up the Scythe’s damage output, to make using it in battle a much more viable, and survivable, option. It’s the freaking SCYTHE OF THE GRIM REAPER, it really should be doing much more damage than the game allows, and would make a nice balance between melee and ranged combat: less damage, but safer and more manageable ranged combat, or more damage, but more dangerous, melee combat? This should have been fixed for balancing purposes.

I still love the art-direction and personality of the game and its characters, and the frantic action is very fun when you’re not constantly fighting the camera, but there are definitely some issues with the design of the game. At the moment, I’d mark it slightly higher than most reviewers out there, and give it a 7.5/10.

I’ll add more if things change as I spend more hours with it.

They screwed up a shotgun? How is that possible?