"Death, Jr." series two announced

It’s official; there will be a second series of “Death, Jr.” comic-books this year.

Backbone & Image give more life to Death, Jr.

BERKELEY, CA – 2 February, 2006 – Backbone Entertainment and Image Comics today announced that DEATH, JR. will return to comic book shelves later this year in a second 3-issue, full-color series. The series will feature the return of both Ted Naifeh as illustrator and Gary Whitta as writer.

“The first series of the DJ comic received an unbelievable amount of attention from critics and comic book fans,” says Mike Mika, studio head of Backbone Entertainment’s Emeryville location. “We’re thrilled to have Ted and Gary back on board to further the world of DEATH, JR.”

DEATH, JR. follows the teenage of son of the grim reaper and his band of “unusual” friends as they always seem to find themselves in trouble. The first series of the comic generated impressive sales and attracted the interest of some of the top talent in the industry, such as Mike Mignola, who drew the cover for the trade paperback.

“Image Comics is very excited to once again be bringing the adventures of DEATH, JR. and his pals to the printed page,” says Jim Demonakos, Image Comics’ PR & Marketing Coordinator. “Another series is just what the fans have been asking for - after the overwhelmingly positive response to the first series, we’re happy to partner up with Ted, Gary and Backbone to oblige!”

After a tumultuous school year in which DJ and his friends had to band together to fight DJ’s evil uncle Moloch, the second series will find the gang on their summer vacation. DJ gets his wish and starts working a summer job with his dad, but he’s disappointed to learn he has to work his way up from the bottom, while the rest of the gang is headed for a less-than-savory summer camp experience.

Backbone Entertainment will be premiering the first new piece of art from the comic as a poster for this month¹s WonderCon in San Francisco, where the company will also be selling copies of the first trade paperback, the PSP game, and brand new t-shirts. In addition, Backbone will host a trade paperback signing at their booth with Naifeh, Whitta and Mignola.

The first issue of the second series is slated to hit shelves in July.


Woohoo! Congratulations, that’s great news.


Congratulations Gary.

/is picking up the first trade at Megacon

That’s awesome news. Congrats Gary! :)

Thanks. I’m really excited about the story we’ve come up with for the second series; I think it will be more fun than the first. It’ll be great to be able to jump right into the story without having to go through the motions of introducing all the characters.

Rock on brotha!

Congrats, Gary.

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Good luck!

First piece of art from Ted Naifeh for series two:

Sweet :)

That is a pretty good drawing.

I noticed solicits for volume 2 of Death Jr. in this month’s Previews. Very cool. :)

Yeah the art for the first issue is being finished up now and the script for issue two is done so it’s progressing nicely.

Cool, I just picked up Volume 1 last week. Haven’t had time to do more than glance at it, though, because at the same time I picked up Sin City Vol. 1, The Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and Sandman Vol. 1.

Wow, that’s quite the compliment to Gary.

I’ve been meaning to ask you Gary since I picked up Volume 1 a couple of months ago, is Death Jr. your property or does someone else own it and just hire you to write it. There’s no deep reason I ask, I’m just mildly curious how it works.

Congratulations, Gary! That’s great news.

It’s all owned by Backbone, who created the characters originally for the game, it’s strictly a work-for-hire gig.

Looks great. I wonder if Backbone gets sad that the game is total shit and the comic is pretty sweet.

Is that how the comic industry typically works? Did Stan “the man” Lee create all those characters at Marvel’s request? Or was Marvel just the publisher? I’ve been out of the comics scene since the 70s, so I can’t really think of anyone more recent. My sense is that if you like the comic, you’re more likely to remember the writer than anything else.

That’s how everything typically works.

If you’re getting paid a salary you normally hand ownership over to your employer for everything you create.

My sense is that if you like the comic, you’re more likely to remember the writer than anything else.

Maybe. Stan certainly owns anything he does these days, but that’s probably cold comfort for him.

Vertigo, and many other publishers offer better terms for creators, but if you work with someone’s existing IP (Batman, X-Men, etc.) you don’t get ownership, you get $$$, and that’s it.