Death of a career in gaming journalism

It’s too bad, the kid never had a chance.


That review is actually BETTER than some of the stuff on the net now.


It’s not that bad, quick and to the point. ;)

With a page or two of filler, a paragraph about how the controls are “good, but not quite up to par,” and a few lines about how the game really is a letdown after all the hype, it could be an IGN review.


Wow, the kid gave Postal 2 a 7/10… probably one of the most un PC reviews on the net! Doesn’t give it a ZERO!


That’s a different kid. And to his credit, 7 is the lowest score he gave out.


"I’m sure Bioware did a good job on it, but you don’t shell out thirty dollars for soloplay. "


trust me, I’ve seen worse!


Especially neat since HOTU doesn’t support multiplayer.

Especially neat since HOTU doesn’t support multiplayer.

He’s talking about the ability to use the new models, tilesets, etc in new modules which may support multiplayer. NOT playing the campaign co-op.

That’s a different kid. And to his credit, 7 is the lowest score he gave out.


…and the IGN comparisons continue!

I’d just like to second the notion that this kid has a promising future ahead of him as a staff writer for IGN.

" That all depends on whether or not he likes free stuff and getting his picture taken with out-of-his-league booth babes at E3, and sucking up to us furiously so he can get more ‘exclusive content’ for his ‘preview’ that objectively discusses ‘how great our next new game will be, based on the 3 tiffs EA just emailed me.’ " - Electronic Arts

…oh to hell with it, I can’t even bring myself to taunt IGN properly anymore. I used to write angry letters about editorial standards to them in the 90s, but what’s it worth, really? Like construction workers on the Death Star, they know what they’re getting into, right? These people have to know they’re essentially fulfilling the content needs of an advertising conglomerate without the pay, sort of “poor-and-uncool-man’s MTV veejays.”

You gotta feel bad for these IGN people, doing their industry’s equivalent of working the fries at McD’s (corollary: “Hi I’m Tom Chick, welcome to Appleby’s Bar, Grill and Arcade. Table for one again, sir? Can I interest you in a Blooming Onion?”) but you know as well as I that the only good thing to ever come from advertising were angry Bill Hicks rants about: suicide, satan, alternative sex, and cool ranch doritos.

What all these site need is an ombudsman. One guy who’ll sit there and []call out their bullshit. Oh wait, they all ‘grew up and got real jobs.’

Therefore I’d like to announce the discovery of a country with no knowledge of the dot-com bubble, and the subsequent capital investment in my new site,

I’ve been checking around nsi lately and yes, that’s the shortest url that hasn’t been camped by

Ah well I’m done. Back to KOTOR. Maybe the guy from sportreviewers will get his new site up soon. the guys he sold sportsreviewers to are doing a great job of screwing it up.


Also, how is it the PTA in his town hasn’t burned this kid’s copy of Postal 2, banned him and his kin from public places and possibly lynched him as a witch yet? I bet there’s no Catcher in the Rye in their school library, so you have to figure Lilian the Presbyterian is itching to break out the Bible of Smiting.

How about The Videogame Ombudsman?

Tell me they have an RSS…Atom instead. Good enough.

I’m building this local hack at work, requires me to test out every piece of software in the universe with the letters “CMF” in the title to pick the best one…but good God did I learn a lot about free website software. Anyway now I’d like to see what it deos under public stress (it’s an internal site that will be external later.)

I got a few sandbox sites over at Chet’s, maybe a wiki with some little headline feeds and you could have a nice little engine for reviews, meta-reviews, mete-reviews of other websites, and some swearing. All totally nonprofit, of course.

This here is the is the only phpbb site left where the user-generated content is so good it’s worth tolerating the flat layout, but given the knowledge on this forum, a wiki would be pretty appropriate, maybe I could press a few of you-all into helping me test this thing.

Have to sleep on it I guess.


Actually, she has to upgrade from Presbyterian->Evangelist before she can equip the Bible of Smiting +1. Catcher in the Rye has no such class prerequisite, but it’s only effective if you have a higher INT rating than your target. Probably she’s stuck using the default Bible of Preaching, although it does get a 25% bonus to damage when used against media scapegoats and undead.

  • Alan

Wow, I went from being impressed that he dug up the craziest article written about Space Channel 5 ever, to being a little bit scared that he apparently read every single article about the Nintendo DS that he could find.

If I have one beef with HotU it would the small amount of music, character voicesets, character portaits, and head skins.

I agree. I’ve never liked the Home of the Underdogs site for just this reason.

Seriously, I don’t know why everyone’s slamming this guy. His ability to express himself may be slightly more limited than your average bear (although that isn’t saying much), but his critical skills are pretty much on par with the rest of the rabble out there*. He’ll make a fine gaming “journalist.”

(*) There are a few exceptions. Down, boys.