Death of e-commerce predicted, film at 11,3604,1298728,00.html

Two math problems so arcane they can’t come close to explaining what exactly the problems are let alone how they might be solved, but some very very broad summaries are given. Problem #2 just has to do with explaining the nature of reality and stuff like that; hardly worth a yawn. But according to the mathematicians, if problem #1 is solved, reliable cryptography suddenly is a thing of the past, and e-commerce the world over will implode.

At the risk of turning this into a P&R argument, I could see this getting confirmed in about six months, causing a global economic meltdown, and having the newly re-elected Bushitler imposing martial law (or at least emergency powers) to deal with the crisis, thus proving that this was all part of his cunning plan.

Or, it was his revenge against the newly elected Kerry. Either way it’s probably Bush’s fault.

But the proof should give us more understanding of how the primes work, and therefore the proof might be translated into something that might produce this prime spectrometer. If it does, it will bring the whole of e-commerce to its knees, overnight. So there are very big implications.

This is what a professor having fun with the media looks like.