Death Stranding doesn't just have Norman Reedus. It has everyone!

He’s played (walked) for about 4 minutes of that hour, as the game’s incoherent story plays out in the endless cut scenes.

I was feeling pretty positive in general about the game up until this point but yeah, I don’t really like where this is going. Maybe there’s some bigger point they’re working toward but it definitely feels kind of gross.

Likewise. It was “weird but whatever, people are enjoying it”. Then that started and I became like seriously creeped out by the entire thing. And it didn’t like… get better. It got progressively worse and creepier by the second. Then I decided to go to bed.

Ok, so after that review, i got this game.

It is totally bizarre.

I’ll have to play it a while before I can formulate thoughts about it.

But seriously. It is already so bizarre.

I don’t know what happens, but Ground Zeroes was a good indicator of the creep living in older Kojima (and what happened was strangely almost retconned in the most childish and Japanese way in MGS5).

Played this game for 10 hours. Is a very entertaining simulator, with a lot going on. Much of the dificulty seems to come from understanding how the game work. I would describe it has a trekking/climbing simulator in an apocalypse world, with monsters. The graphics are amazing.

I’ve learned by watching more that Kojima doesn’t even have a passing familiarity with physics or leverage. Seeing a dude crouch down with 13 feet of shit on his back is just silly as it sticks out in front of him and he somehow doesn’t fall over.

I mean the game even says how much weight it is and it’s vastly more than the character weighs, so… doesn’t matter how strong he is at that point.

Does anyone know the maximum number of pizza’s you can carry at one time?

Not much different than most RPGs where you’re carrying 2 shields, 3 swords, 2 axes, a bow, 2 suits of armor, crafting bits, 30 potions and hopping up mountains.

I recommend playing this with an actual baby on your lap - the BB noises from the controller are extra freaky!

@Jason_McMaster any chance for some IRL cosplay of you dressed up with packages on your back, and your 1:1 model of BB strapped to your chest?

Hopefully before you stream this again, for the extra immersion while playing.


24 hours in… this game is great, continue surprising me.

Sure, Burke even made a joke “haven’t you ever played Dark Souls?” about it during his stream, but the thing is… there isn’t anything else really to the game. The game is “inventory management” so expecting to be better than Dark Souls where inventory management doesn’t exist isn’t a great defense imo.

It’s like making a racing game and then handwaving traction, torque and top speed away because no one really cared about that stuff driving the Mako in Mass Effect. I mean, they didn’t, but driving the Mako also wasn’t the game.

This actually isn’t true, although it is at the very beginning.

After you get a bit into the game, a lot of other stuff opens up.

Sure, but from what I’ve seen Carrying Shit is still a core part of the game.

Yeah, you are a ups dude.

I strongly disagree, you’re Uber Eat.

… and the Verizon guy, laying down FiOS cable.

Was it ever explained why there are no trees in game?

Actually I saw a video just now, and there are trees!

And a user posted a helpful tip I think for people playing stealthy:

Great tip for fighting MUEL’S stealthily - make a post pox outside of their area - store all cargo in a private post box. Head on into the camp (they won’t scan for you if you don’t have cargo) take them out one by one w/out anyone noticing <3

Five hours in, I think it’s… meh? I’m just in the first area and, as expected, cutscenes are numerous AND interminable and so far the only relevant gameplay element is holding L2 and R2 to maintain your balance. After you reach an area for the first time, the world gets polluted with other players’ stuff, which kinda kills the challenge and the mood. I’m on hard, but I’m not sure what’s that supposed to affect. Other than that, the game looks nice and I do get a little OCD kick after every delivery, as rote as it is.

It’s funny that Kojima’s visionary “stranding” system is… Dark Souls multiplayer. You’re an immortal Undead repatriate whose enemies are like you but have gone Hollow MULE and you get help from the other players in terms of the stuff/messages they leave behind.

America must be a really small country because I’ve walked a kilometer west to the third outpost and now I’m roughly in Kentucky.