Death Wish (remake) - Eli Roth, Bruce Willis

Who thought this was a good idea?

Eli Roth is the fucking worst

I’m hearing somebody’s voice in there I definitely know, but can’t place. He’s apparently talking with the radio presenter in the trailer. Lines are:

  • “Everybody’s watching this viral video”
  • “This guy in the hoodie, they’re calling him the grim reaper”
  • “He stopped a car jacking!”
  • “He’s become a folk hero”

It’s driving me crazy. Anyone know who it is?

We see that guy speaking. I don’t think he’s the one doing the lines I quoted. It’s whoever is talking to him.

So of course this remake is being attacked for being “racist” and “fascist” and not for just being another lazy remake.

This is just Hollywood (liberal Hollywood?) trying to make a buck.

What’s going on with Bruce Willis lately? Seems like he’s been in a ton of direct-to-video level movies the last few years. Does he have massive debts or something?

Getting older. At least hes one of the few conservatives who hasn’t been entirely blacklisted, so he’s doing better than most (even if most of the roles he gets tend to be stuff like this and GI Joe and other mindless gun movies).

Kinda liked the trailer, but it definitely doesn’t look inspired, and the subject matter/premise is going to be a lot more controversial (if not outright reviled) to/by many these days. It looks extremely similar to the original movie as well.

Also, by many accounts, he’s very hard to work with.

“You’re not going to kill me?”
“No. Jack is.”

I had to rewatch it a few times but I see now that this is a clever play on words where the word “jack” (as in jack-lift) is being used as though it were the name Jack. So the last thing the bad guy experiences is a flicker of hope followed by dumbfounding humiliation as our ruthless, every-man hero yanks his chain (literally AND metaphorically) at which point gravity takes hold of the heavy car and moves it down toward the earth in a body-crushing manner. The anthropomorphizing of the jack-lift affords our all-too-human widower protagonist the psychological space to distance himself from the act of killing by creating a separate, cold-blooded identity (‘Jack’ aka the jack-lift) whose heart is quite literally made of steel and for whom killing is de rigeur. And, ironically, the auto mechanic loses his life to the very thing he had devoted his life to repairing. I wasn’t expecting such a highbrow, cerebral remake.


That was exquisite.

The original is a film I use for classes sometimes to show the cultural milieu of that era, and the degree to which things have changed, especially for places like NYC. This remake, I’m not sure what the point is, considering the Bronson flick wasn’t exactly high art either.

I like to think the punks are presenting this remake to Bronson.

No surprises here. This looks terrible.

It’s set in Chicago for good reason, given all the murders and number of gang shootings. So it represents today’s concerns in the same way the original expressed concerns about NYC,

Still not as crazy as NYC was in the 1970s - suspect most people here are not old enough to really comprehend how violent and unsafe it was during that period. Violent crime - and just general vandalism, etc. (look at pictures of the subway system in NYC from the 70s) - were much worse back then than they are now, fortunately.

Definitely don’t see much of a market for this film though. Seems pretty pointless.

Ah, didn’t know it was set in Chi-town. Makes much more sense, though the racial elements could be rather, um, interesting, depending on how they get handled. This could veer pretty badly into some nastiness.

it is all marketing, my friend.

That’s pretty much my point; how is it marketed? As generic fear mongering? As racist fear mongering? As class-based fear mongering?

It just has to be presented, the extra marketing will be done by the countless flavors of opinion shows and sites. Most people don’t realize how they are being groomed in today’s media markets. Those triggered by certain images and scenes will talk about it in those terms. Those not will talk about how it is just another Bruce Willis film and it is and how similar it is to The Equalizer. But the core point is they will talk about it more than just your avg contemporary Bruce Willis film because of the settings…and we will see/hear endless discussion and debates on radio, TV and blogs.

Sounds like a strategy, to be sure.