DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

Well, the quote above says “the campaign can be played with Julianna controlled only by the AI”, so I certainly hope it is optional.

Arkane, I love you, but take your recommendation about allowing other players to invade and go fuck a goat.

To me, this is basically an expanded version of Prey’s Mooncrash dlc, where you attempt multiple runs, usually dying and restarting the simulation over while permanently unlocking new abilities as a means of progress, before ultimately escaping.

The only way to kill the loop is to wipe out all eight targets before midnight. You’ve gotta think beyond linear time, using each night to route paths, scout encounters and engage in some good ol’ fashioned trial and error.

Ultimately, you’ll figure out how to nail that idealised perfect run – assuming a stray shot doesn’t strike between your eyes.

I like the idea… Outer Wilds with more dakka!

Oh wow. I hadn’t even realized that this is a PS5 console exclusive. Sony hitting Bethesda with those moneyhats I guess.

Listed as a timed console exclusive. So maybe it will come to Xbox in 6 months? A year?

A bit more of confirmation in the DNA of Prey Mooncrash is in there

Delayed to Q2 2021.

Apropos of nothing, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Edition has also been delayed until 2021.

I will not be surprised if new consoles do not ship until spring 2021. I really think that’s still possible.

Yeah, with all the exclusives (timed or no) getting pushed back, will either console have much?

Given how reluctant either manufacturer is to put a price on their device, I wonder if they’d actually be happy about a delay.

The problem seems to be manufacturing isn’t happening for the old devices so they may have no choice but to sell these new ones.

COVID is certainly to blame as they probably way outsold expectations this spring and that’s leaving the channel bare.

That seemed to have a bit of Hitman influence, with the part of doing actions to change npcs behavior that allows you to kill two targets in one go.

Yeah, this I like… Hitman opportunities! Or, uh, they’re called stories now I think?


The end of that trailer says it’s a 1 year console exclusive.

Since it will be on PC during that year, and they’re owned by Microsoft, I hope the game is on Game Pass for PC.

Trailer… 3.

That song is just great.