DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

It was the enemies that did it for me. The combat was much more frustrating than fun. I guess I went that route because I played both Dishonoreds with the controller and it was great–but I also played them non-lethal/ghost so combat wasn’t an issue in the first place.

The Bioshock games burned me out on the freeze enemy/ swap weapon to finish them off gun-play. Prey added very little new to the formula, where the Dishonored games seemed fresh and cool with the different powers and great stealth elements. From what I’ve read and seen, Deathloop and Mooncrash interest me not at all.

Dude. You’re in for such a treat.

The Mooncrash DLC is so much better than Deathloop from a design perspective. Deathloop is clearly a more advanced shooter, but the gameplay they were attempting in Deathloop is a pale washed-out shadow of what they had already accomplished in Mooncrash. Soren is spot-on when he suggests the main problem with Deathloop is Mooncrash.


I didn’t hate my time with Deathloop. It was fine. It’s just that for most of the playthrough, I was thinking “Oh, Mooncrash did this bit better.”

All this posting about Mooncrash doing it better inspired me to make that the next game to tackle in my backlog. It’s pretty damn great so far! Thanks QT3 hivemind!

The thing about Mooncrash is…if you can get past the moon shark; you’re in.

Also I would farm/loot the science labs and living quarters and knew my way around them but would always get lost in the mining area.

I feel like I’m getting fairly close to the end of this, and I’m still having a lot of fun with the actual gameplay, but I am about ready to just wrap it up and be done. The gunplay and aggressive powers are fun, but I wish it were more satisfying to be stealthy.

So as this is Bethesda it’ll show up on Gamepass at some point? I think it’s PS ‘exclusivity’ expires in September, so hopefully then. Was going to pick it up for cash monies but I ain’t no schmo.

I picked it up for PS5 but wish I had waited for Game Pass instead, the game feels kind of mid to me.

I’m not seeing a lot of people posting their favorite Photo Mode shots here. I guess they’re all busy getting the composition just right.


Fancy! Is that the Dutch angle I’ve been hearing so much about lately?

I was thinking it was a statement on climate change.

Somehow I totally missed that this is set in the Dishonored world. Might be fun to replay with that in mind.

Huh? Is this actually true?

The dueling pistols at the end are the same guns with the same markings as Dishonored, and there is a lot that implies Blackreef is part of Tyvia.

A more detailed breakdown is here:

I haven’t played Deathloop but the trailers come off as very 1960/70s? Dishonored is like the 1700s with higher technology, supernatural magic and shit. I guess it could be the same universe but moved into the future.

Oh, yeah, it’s a hundred years or so beyond the other games.