DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

Souls games have you repeating a day and you have to spend a special currency so you don’t lose your items and abilities? Or did you just mean they’re hard, and frustrating? DL is definitely not hard if you cheese the AI.

The specific mechanic of dying and leaving your currency/‘not locked-in progress’ attached to your corpse to be picked up in a new attempt? And if you don’t spend it or die before recovering it it’s gone forever?

I mean, is that not the mechanic you were talking about?

I mean, Deathloop’s implementation/tutorialization might be horrible for all that I know (haven’t played it yet) but I’m sure a lot of its audience has been exposed to to leaving your unspent currency/progress attached to the corpse of a run and needing to pick it up or losing it forever.

Ah yes I suppose so. I don’t play souls games.

You folks better have friendly invasions turned on, I got all this new gear I need to try.

Also this game has the absolute most visually stunning double cheeseburger in the history of video games.

Currently this is in my top 5 for best games of the year.

what? Because of the cheesburger? Makes me hungry…
So this is a bit like Outer Wilds? How long do you have for a loop? Or will the loop end only when you die?

There’s no strict time limit, time only advances when you switch zones, and you get 4 of those per loop.

and then you are kicked out?

The loop repeats after 4 times of day pass (morning, noon, afternoon-dusk, night)

Each of the 4 maps has different levels of accessibility depending on time of day. You pick what map you want to go to and then also (wait to advance time) to the specific time of day you want, based on clues you find.

It’s pretty amazing when it all clicks and you figure out what you need to do.

Dude tried to kill me as I was invading him earlier, I did a slide, jump, then kicked him off the top of a building, it was so epic.

sounds pretty interesting. My backlock will yell at me, though…

It’s funny that this game has the same save issue that hasn’t been addressed in the PS5 game Returnal. I get saves not being ok for a time loop structure, but at least let people quit and resume at the same point later.

You can quit and repeat the current time of day and location loop you are in when you start the game again, at worst I’d say you could lose 15 minutes of progress if you had to quit out of the game immediately.

Oh! Nice. That’s better than Returnal.

So this’ll likely be on PC Game Pass next year hey, once the PS5 timed exclusivity expires?

Not sure I can wait! :)

Though I don’t like the reports here of poor controller implementation…

I can’t imagine playing with a controller if I am getting invaded.

I’ve certainly taken way more than 15 minutes in a visit. The one which turned me off the game, for example.

Move fast! ;)

I guess there’s no cross-play then?

You can’t; you’re really weak at the start of the game and die extremely quickly if you let homies pump hot lead into your ass. The game forces stealth and “careful” gameplay, meaning cheesing the AI.

I’m going to turn on a PS5 stream in about ten minutes if anyone is interested. First time playing without watching anything other than the trailers.

davelong on Twitch

So, I just finished the Longest Day and have no idea what residuum even is. I did die once and revived, and saw my body shimmering purple on the map. I’ve also seen a toaster and a few other objects shimmering. I’d that residuum? Am I too early in the game to have been told anything about it?