DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

Yes, learning about it should be your first mission after the prologue. Don’t do anything else first, as without residuum you can’t keep stuff across loops.

Yeah I do recall the first few hours being that way, but once you get a few upgraded and saved weapons combat becomes way easier, and more of a how to I kill these dudes in a fun way type of thing.

I am at 12 hours played according to Steam, three of them hours is probably doing invasions (and or waiting to connect , heh).

So wait, you can die in a loop and come back without resetting the loop? (replete with Ultima Online/Diablo/Demon’s Souls corpse runs!)

I though if you died, the loop got reset…the game is called Deathloop.

It’s weird seeing the same closed off shutters on doors and windows from Dishonored.

You can die twice and rewind time. After that the loop resets.

The UI looks awfully similar as well (in the screenshots I’ve seen) is it set in the same universe as Dishonored?

It feels like Dishonored in 1960.

So I’ve started and played through a death. Fun, maybe, but also:

  1. Seriously nausea inducing even with FOV turned up & motion blur off on a plenty powerful 3080-loaded PC
  2. The game crashed hard after I got returned to the beach. Not sure how encouraged I am to dive back in given issue #1.


Sorta wish the game did a mini-save after taking out a visionary, as I had a crash to desktop earlier, ugh… that feeling when you lose 25k+ residuum.

How much game time would you say is in one full loop?

I played through a few maps of this last night. I played on PC, and with a controller, and man, the controller usage was shaky. It immediatly reminded me of Dishonoured 2, where the pc controller supprt sucked as well. Controls are floaty and feels like they are missing something. Other games usually have some sort of auto-aim added to the controller support, and its like its completely missing here.

Other than that, the game seems interesting, but if controller support doesn’t get upped, I’ll refund the whole thing.

Omg. So was watching my kid play tonight. She killed the wolf dude, got his power, and ran to the exit but was killed before exiting. So, she spent another hour on a few runs and finally killed him again and then said she made it to the exit. Then, she said she started the next day and did NOT have the cool new ability.

Uh, I asked her if she did the 2nd day tutorial and nope, did not….so she spent all that time for no reason. The game should tell you that you need to do that one right after the longest day and not just go explore.

But, it was a blast watching her and she loved it…she used turrets as much as she could and got very tactical with them…my PS5 shows up soon, can’t wait to invade her game and end her runs over and over!

People playing it, how is the difficulty?

Some people are saying that the game is too easy. Others say is true but it balances it out with the invasions.
I read the game doesn’t have difficulty settings, either?

the more main characters you kill in one day, the harder it gets from what I understand.

I guess that makes sense, as they don’t know which one will be the first, and which one will be the last, so they dynamically adjust it.

The game does tell you, it just doesn’t force you and it should.

Yeah there is a tiny mission blurb that says you need to do this to no keep losing your stuff every loop. Easily missable.

As for difficulty, I have noticed as McMaster said the game increases npcs on the ground as more visionaries are killed. I’ve only had 2 dead in one loop so far, but I noticed less npcs with knives and more with guns, an occasional sentry or two that is now deployed already, and npcs are up on rooftops.

Hard time falling asleep last night , I was all like:


I’ve just finished the first day. This game reminds me of Bioshock waaayyy more than any Arkane property.

Did you play Prey: Mooncrash?

I imagine that was the spark that lit the fire for this game.