DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

Deathloop bringing you the high quality condiments you all require.

I didn’t, though maybe I should. To my shame I never even beat Dishonored 2 or Prey (though I did play a bunch of both of them.) I should really go back and work my way back through all those games.

No spoilers please, but is there a perfect order to do things in that will always succeed assuming you can pull it off, or is there variation?

Yeah, I think if you did then the connection to Deathloop would maybe be more apparent vs just…BioShock. Maybe I am wrong, however Mooncrash is much more of a rogue-lite with just small story mission vignettes between each of the chracters you have to trigger during any given run. Then you’ll need to escape with every character but every escape option is exclusive during a…single loop! (and some escape options are exclusive to specific characters).

Anyways Mooncrash is great. /end thread derail

I’m not deep enough in the game to tell you for sure, but based on how the game is structured I would be very surprised if there was any variation to the way things unfold. The whole point of the game is to learn the events that take place during the day and apply that knowledge to figure out how to kill all of the targets before the end of the day. The repetition is fundamental to the design.

That doesn’t mean there has to be an unique way to solve the puzzle. I think there should be a good middle point between single solution to the puzzle and Hitman levels of ways to kill the targets.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were multiple paths you could take to win, but that wasn’t my understanding of the question being asked. Once you figure out the order of how to do things to win, you can probably succeed every time if you repeat those same steps.

Certain areas and objectives are locked until you trigger them in another location. Many numeric codes are randomized each loop. So it looks like there’s no way to start a new game and in a “perfect day” kill all 8 visionaries and beat the game in a single loop.

I don’t have this game, though I’m tempted to get it. Just posting to see if it fixes Discourse, which is currently treating this thread as if I have it muted even though it says in tracking it.

Finished Psychonauts 2 and Miles Morales today, which I think means I’ve cleared enough of my backlog to pick up Deathloop this weekend.

That’s why it’s a next gen title!

Invasion is so good, SO GOOD. Hit level 21 tonight, fun to see other people’s strategies but some just choose to suicide, which is unusual.

I really, really dont understand how having someone invade your game, try to kill you, is considered fun? Granted, I havent tried it yet, but…that sounds like the exact opposite of what I want in a single player game.

Yeah sounds like an aspect I would not enjoy, just like I don’t enjoy it in the Souls games.

It is optional, right?

Yep totally optional, she can be filled in with the AI, which is pretty easy to kill.

The last hour or so I’ve been playing with manchette only and letting people enjoy my loot drops, as I am a pretty easy kill up close.

So this is interesting, playing as Julianna, you can take out a map’s Visionary when invading someone’s game, in fact you apparently can kill anyone without consequence. So in theory a friend can join you in your game and make the level super easy. WTF!

Unlocked a new outfit, as I am still gaining xp for dying in other peoples games.

Can you choose who to invade? I haven’t done any loop protection yet (does Julianna get access to Cole’s loadout?)

I think I really like this game, but gotta say, the way it doles out its mechanics is super weird. Like it hides everything at the start and you have to play through like 3-4 hours of gameplay to even figure out what the hell. You’d think with all that the game would be able to speak for itself, but no, they have little tutorial messages flashing everywhere spelling things out for you. If you’re gonna do that kind of bald exposition of the mechanics, why not just do it at the beginning? What narrative purpose does it serve to spell it out later?

Well, I don’t think the intention is to think of the game as a single player game, nor as a pvp game. It’s… a game, with elements of both.

Invasion in Dark Souls etc. was a tradeoff. Usually you went to human form and therefore allowed invasion, because you wanted to make the game easier by summoning help. It could get annoying when playing coop with a friend, some areas were not playable because you got constantly invaded.

Is there any other reason to enable invasion in Deathloop other than making the game more challenging/fun?