DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

My 18-year-old son is a shooter player who was intrigued by this game and he hasn’t played any RPGs, Dishonored, etc. The poorly paced tutorial nearly lost him. “Why do I care about these slots?” Definitely would have been better to spread this stuff out more.

Dude, are you exclusively playing as Julianna just invading people all day?

It looks like she has all the same powers and weapons Colt has access too.

First off, if you came in geared up like that and I just have the starter gun, well, I’m going to die.

Can you choose to play with a friend and only invade/be invaded by their games?

Yes. You can also choose to only be invaded by AI Julianna. Several hours in and I still haven’t gotten invaded by her aside from her first appearance in a story scripted sequence, so I’m unclear about how frequently this happens.

Yep if someone is playing and on my friends list and allowing invasion, I can invade.

Julianna gets her own weapons trinkets and slabs.

but what is the incentive to enable invaders?

Human Juliannas reportedly drop more stuff.

Challenge. Beating your friends.

dont’t have friends.

That’s better!

I will be your friend. Let me in!

hahaha… we can count now the individual spice pellets in a videogame sandwitch

I’m on my 3rd or 4th loop and while I like it it hasn’t really gotten its hooks into me either.

Julianna will always have a slab on her that you would have had to kill a Visionary to get. It’s spelled out in the screen for your arsenal quests. As near as I can tell, that’s the only upside to invasions.


Is invading only your friends? Can you trade-off Julianna kills to cheat and get residuum and slabs?

I’m trying to find some way to cheat back my 20k lost residuum so I can continue playing the game. Can’t find any savegame editors or free trainers.

Yes I know I could just suck it up, but I don’t want to.

It takes like 15 minutes to get 20k residuum. Just kill a founder. >.>

I mean I guess I could invade you and let you try to kill me @stusser . :P

I’ve come across 5 devices/puzzles now that seem extremely complex!

Also I need more valve wheels! I wish I could get the delivery booths to work.

I think its going to be impossible for this not to be my GOTY, unless the ending is shit.

Probably? You can set invasion to public, friends only, and offline (it only happens with an occasional AI Julianna). If you set it to “friends only”, start a mission, and then have a friend choose Protect the Loop, I assume your friend will spawn into your game. At which point you should be able to freely trade kills.

Oh my sweet summer child. If losing 20k Unobtanium is enough to send you scrambling for a trainer, this probably isn’t the game for you. :) I’ve probably lost nearly 100,000k by now, and that’s not because I suck – although I probably kinda do – but because that’s how the gameplay loop works.


Tom is the best at losing residuum!

That’s probably because after exploring the levels – they’re pretty small in terms of event density, at least compared to Hitman – I’ve been playing mainly to stock up on slabs and slab upgrades. So I’m really just jumping in look for fast reliable ways to kill Visionaries, which involves a lot of Leroy Jenkinsing against the bad AI. Repeat as necessary.

The end result is a ton of spilled and often lost Unobtanium.


Gotta use the mind-link and stab one of them it’s so OP it’s almost game breaking. :D

So far I’ve got 3 visionaries all figured out, there is a ton of content in this game, and the looping portion of the game really lets you enjoy the dense levels they created imho.

Nexus is a lot of fun, especially with the upgrades. It reminds me of what CD Projekt was doing with Cyberpunk. They give you a lot of cool tools, but with the AI being as dumb as it is, any tool is as good as any other. Do I really need to bother with an upgraded Nexus link when I can just stand in a doorway and kill everyone as they take turns standing in the doorway? Sure, an upgraded Nexus slab is more efficient, but it’s hardly necessary.

I’m not sure I agree, but it depends on what you mean by “content”. As near as I can tell, there are four levels about the same size as a Hitman level, but without that game’s level of detail and especially activity (what passes for a crowd or party in Deathloop is pretty sad). But there’s only one “goal” connecting them, and the game is designed in such a way to force you to play little bits at a time until you can scoop it all up into one run. At which point, you’re done? I’m not really sure I see how it all comes together yet, so maybe it will surprise me. I suppose a lot is riding on the “Loop Stress” mechanic that makes things harder as you kill more Visionaries in any given loop.

So while I disagree that there’s a ton of content in terms of geography, I do agree that Bethesda has made a game that forces you to spend a lot of time on the same content.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you like what’s in here – the gunplay, the powers, and the aesthetic – you’ll get it in spades. You’ll just be doing the same things in the same places over and over a lot. If that’s what you mean by content, then, yes, there is indeed a ton of content in here. But in terms of breadth, it’s no Prey, and it’s certainly no Hitman.

And I should also point out I haven’t done any Protect the Loop stuff as Julianna. I should probably spend some time exploring that before making any pronouncements about the amount of content! :)