DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

There’s a door on the upper level. I don’t remember the details, but would guess that you need to hack the door. If you achieve your goal quickly enough, the flooding won’t start and you can just explore the level at your leisure. Basically kill the pair quickly, before they have time to flood the place. Easiest to do with Domino.

Picked this up for PS5 on a whim over the weekend. I’m having a good time with it. The concept is cool, although it sounds like the execution is flawed. I’m still very early on - completed the mission where you learn to infuse and get residuum. Then tried to do the mission with the power station. There seems to be a lot to remember - where things are mostly. I’m someone who can barely keep track of his keys, so that’s not great. I like the way things are slowly unfolding. I also like the tension of exploring a level but having to get back to the entrance before your third death. I don’t like no save on exit. I don’t like having to make gameplay decisions based on real world time constraints. I tried invading as Julianna once, but almost immediately fell off a cliff.

Looks like a patch dropped that adds DLSS - glad I held off starting my copy (to be fair, I have FOUR games I’m playing back and forth right now, so I just didn’t have time to start yet and only bought the game at launch to support the developer).

Hmm game seemed to run fine without DLSS. But more options the better. :)

Holy shit. PC games adding support for DualSense controller.

I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me as something that would start happening. That could be cool. (Though the verdict on how cool the DualSense can/will be still seems to be out).

Yeah, I caught that - very interesting. I like using my Xbox Elite controller on my PC and I would be hard pressed to say I’d rather be using the PS5 controller on that system, but if more and more games start taking advantage of the tech I just might give it a try.

11.3 GB patch? WTF.

Thats 1/3 the install size, lol.

Do enemies respawn? Is there a finite number of enemies on each map?

I think finite but not sure

Thats a good question, as I swear I’ve seen more enemies appear after I take out a visionary in a given zone.

I just took out Harriet and a bunch of new enemies appeared in the hangar. But before that, I think they stayed dead and no new ones spawned.

Invade the developers event:

Ok, just finished it. The beginning was a bit rough and it took too long to finish the tutorial/intro and you finally get a handle on the game.

However once you do, its pretty fun. Thankfully the “ending” mission wasn’t so convoluted or tough to do like Mooncrash, where I felt the correct order of actions and interlocking steps were more complicated (might just be my vague memory though).

I see that 25% of the steam players got the Perfect Day achievement, which seems pretty high I think? Usually with games there seem to be loads of people who never get to the ending with the games stuck in backlog hell unplayed… Thus a quarter of all owners actually finishing it appears to be high, or am I wrong in my conclusion?

25% does seem really high.

It might be just because the game hasn’t had any major sales yet maybe. Once the price starts coming down, you’ll get a lot more dabblers who only get the first achievement. I’m that way in most games on Steam, unfortunately. I dabble!

After learning all the escape methods it isn’t very complex, although it is practically fixed with only a little flexibility.

Certain character have to use a specific escape route only available to them to allow other characters to escape through the easier means, and at least one escape route requires two prior characters to set it up for the other character.

Like the engineer always has to repair the portal power panel while the Spy can hack the computer to open the door to the portal (unless you find the password which I never bothered with) in order for the Volunteer to escape via the portal. This is the only complicated escape outside of the mass driver inventory requirements. The rest is easy as pie as long as a life-pod is still operational. Shuttle and Upload (for Admin only) are always free.

Just got my last achievement. Great game. There are still puzzles that I haven’t done. I wish I had used a notepad to mark things to come back to from the beginning of the game.

It is tempting to reset and try to see how few loops I can do it in, now that I understand the game.

I just got this and after 90 min am not even through the first full day. The twistiness of the city section is pretty damn great. The levels are so fun to be in!

This game is buggy as shit since the patch.

Tons of UI issues in-between missions, but I’ve also had in-game issues where selecting a new objective caused the UI to bug out and render the game unplayable, and just now as I exited the fucking mission I was doing the game just didn’t do anything. I’m stuck, all I can do press escape to bring up the menu.

Incredibly frustrating in these bullshit games that won’t let you save. Like a fucking console game.

That sounds weird, as I didn’t have any issues during my run. Has there been a new patch since last week?

Otherwise, sad to hear its not running well on your rig. My oldish one did pretty well with it, as it has with the previous Arkane games using the same engine (Prey, Dishonored…)

That is odd. For me the update made it run a little smoother and I’ve had no obvious new gameplay errors. I wonder if it is video card/driver specific (the bane of PC games).

I will agree that not being able to save is annoying when you play it with no MP invaders. Although, truth be told, it kept me from doing my Dishonored continuous save scum behavior and added a bit more tension because of it.